Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Line

Hi fellow curlies,

Has anyone tried Marc Anthony's Strictly Curls line? I was thinking about trying it but I don't want to waste my "curl product money" on it if it's not a great line. If anyone has any feedback on the line or certain products from the line, it would be greatly appreciated!

I tried the shampoo, conditioner and curly creme a while back. I didn't do anything magical for my hair. As a matter of fact, I don't think I even finished the bottles. I bought them out of desperation when my DH and I were on vacation and I forgot my hair products. The closest place I could find to get hair products was a drugstore and that was my best option. HTH!
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The curl creme smelled lemon meringue pie filling. However, it dried out my hair and flaked off. Yuck!
I really liked Strictly curls at first but when I look back at my pre-CG photos, I'm really glad I left it. I had the most horrible frizz ad vey undefined curls. So just don't buy it !
No line reformulates as often as Marc Anthony! However, their poo is consistently too harsh, condish builds up quickly, and lotion works for a while and then suddenly doesn't (another sign of buildup, but clarifying doesn't fix it for some reason).

Save your money!
In the event that there IS someone out there that this works for, I just saw it at CVS on clearance for 75% off. I probably would have bought it had I not seen this thread earlier!!
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I used to like the curl cream before all the reformulations, but I gave up on it -- too confusing to figure out the current ingredients. I remember that it had a very loose hold.
Thanks so much, guys! I really appreciate all the feedback. I would have wasted my precious product money on these products otherwise! I mean, I saw the line in drugstores for years but never got around to trying it...glad I didn't! I normally use AG Re:coil and Paul Mitchell Sculpting I'll stick to that! Those are amazing products, by the way! I am currently finishing a tube of Back to Basics Jasmine Curl Activating Gel that I got as a gift with the jasmine shampoo and conditioner....great scent and curl definition, but the gel does not provide enough hold to last the entire day.

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