How do you plop at night?

Okay, when I try plopping at night it just doesn't work out for me. I use a t-shirt and use a hairtie to tie it in a ball at the nape of my neck. But then at night I can't sleep comfortably because of the way I tie it. And the t-shirt tends to slip off my head because I toss and turn a lot.

So, any tips on nightly plopping? How do you tie your t-shirt comfortably and how do you keep your t-shirt on your head? I'd love to take showers at night so I could sleep in in the morning (especially during school days).
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I don't know if this helps, but, on the time I've tried it, I use a long sleeve T-shirt and just tie the sleeves at the base of my neck. It stays put for the most part.
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I have found a way I love! I use a Scunci microfiber turban, lay it out, plop, and wrap it up. I bought mine at my local grocery store (Harris Teeter) for $10, but I think they have them at Walgreens, too. There's an elastic loop at one end of the turban (the twisting end) that loops around a button at the nape of the neck to keep it from falling loose. It's small, soft, and VERY comfortable to sleep on. The best thing of all is that I wake up with dry (or very nearly dry), frizz-free curls. My hair can take HOURS to air dry, and I just don't have that kind of time in the morning. I'm very new to the CG routine, so I'm still very much in the learning stage with this, but a little lavender spray and aloe gel helps me bring the curls down a bit and fight frizz.

Good luck!

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Could you possibly try plopping with twisting the ends fowards and tieing the scrunchie at the forehead? I love experimenting :P

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