Mixing products?

This morning I was in a real hurry, so I didn't do my normal routine of layering products. After CO washing and then conditioning, I just mixed equal size globs of re:coil, conditioner, and Alagio curl cream in my hand. I mixed it all up in my palms and then raked and scrunched. Then I diffused (which I have to in order to go to work,) but quickly - not carefully using the Pixiecurl method as I usually do.

My hair looks a little frizzy, which I know is from tossing it all over the place when I was drying, but I still have good curl formation and body. Other than the frizz, it looks pretty much like it normally does, which makes me happy.

So, my question - would this work for every day? Or did I just get lucky? I was thinking I could mix up equal amounts of these in a small bottle (just a few days worth) and leave it in the shower, then use it as an "all-in-one" product. Is there a reason I shouldn't do this?
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I have some gels that I have mixed in a smaller bottle because I got sick of layering them in. I would try it a couple more days and see if it was a fluke but even if you dont you have not wasted a ton of product if you do a couple of days worth.
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I mix my products too and it works perfectly fine for me.

I used to mix some regular condtioner with my styling gel and scrunch that in my hair.
Now I mix about half a dime size of castor oil with my gel and pu that on my hair.My hair loves it.
I usually will mix things into my leave in, like CK, recoil, honey, or molasses. I have tried to mix in some gel before and got little white balls. So as long as you don't get that, you should be fine.
I wasn't having much success with Re:coil until I tried mixing it with Aloeba instead of layering. So much easier to distribute and none of the frizz or dryness I got before.
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I've been having great success mixing also. I mix something creamy (leave in or boots) with my 2 gels (set me up and biolage gelee) all together in my hand and distribute. No problems, better curls.........so far.
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