a few questions

ok my first question is about the CG routine cuz im still a little confussed. co-washing is washing your hair with condish right? and the rest that isnt co-washing is just conditioning? so for example the whole CG routine is basically conditioning your hair and when you "wash" your hair you do it with conditioner?
ok my second question is.. i just started CG 3 days ago and my hair is beginnning to get greasy. i co-washed today and i thought that would get rid of the greasiness but it didnt. would it be CG if i washed my hair everyother day with a CG shampoo and the other days i just condition? or are there any other ways i can get rid of the greasiness without using a CG shampoo?


These questions really shouldn't be asked (not the oil issues, thats ok)

It's all still confusing to me what co even stands for! I believe that co washing includes the conditioning after, but of course I could be wrong. Who created the term in the first place? I didn't think it was Lorraine..
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The CG routine could be altered depending on your hair type, and your own preference. Overall it is not using silicones in your hair. Any ingredient ending in -cone, or -xane (dimethicone, amodimethicone, cyclopentasiloxane) is a silicone, and it's job is to seal the hairshaft to make it appear smoother. Silicones coat the hairshaft, and do not let moisture in, so they are not water soluble. The only way to remove them is w/ a shampoo containing sulfates. Sulfates are drying to our hair, and routinely sealing out moisture w/ silicones, and shampooing w/ drying sulfates, you end up w/ very dry frizzy hair.

If you aren't using things that build up on the hair shaft, there isn't any need to use sulfates. You can cleanse your hair by washing w/ a "low poo" which would be a shampoo containing cocoamidapropyl betaine - a gentle cleanser, or a shampoo containing decyl glucoside (?). Some people have luck w/ co-washing, which is washing w/ a conditioner. It works better if you use a "cheap" conditioner so you don't over moisturize your scalp. Many people use V05, Suave Naturals, or White Rain conditioners. The ones that are clarifying are even more cleansing.

You could try co-washing a couple of days a week, and water washing the other days. You could condition w/ a more moisturizing conditioner on top of it, or if you feel conditioned enough, you could skip it on your co-wash days. You could use a low poo shampoo once a week, or month if you felt you needed it. The routine could be tweaked to what you wanted to do. If you wanted to start off cold hard CG, that would be NO silicones, NO sulfates, co-washing, conditioning, using gentle products, NO blowdrying, etc, etc.
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I know, isn't co-wash a confusing term? Co- makes me think of a prefix that means "in addition to" or something.

I believe co-wash means using the condiitioner + friction to clean your scalp (as per CG book). I don't cowash and condition all in one step b/c it's necessary to rinse out the dirtiness and then when you finish co-washing you should use a moisturizing conditioner.

I use Devacurl's no poo as a cowash. I have combination skin with an oily t-zone and regular conditioner washing doesn't completely wash away the greasiness in my hair. No poo makes me feel squeaky clean without adding the frizz that shampoo would cause.

Lorraine Massey's curly girl book is a good investment. It doesn't have all of the answers but it's a good starting point. Plus it's really cheap on amazon.
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cowash means "Conditioner Only wash. It doesn't include the condition afterward. That is an option if your hair needs it. If I cowash, then I don't need to condition, but that's just me. My hair will get greasy if I try to cowash, condition, then use a leave-in conditioner. That's too much for my hair. I'll cowash, then use a leave-in if I need one.
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