curly hair drama !!

hi, im new here so sorry if this was already asked !
i have very tight ringlets and i was wondering how to make my hair into loose sexy curls because it takes about 4 hours to straighten my hair and i always seem to leave it curly ! what should i do ?
3B/3C Curly girly =]

First I would say, learn to love your ringlets, life will be a lot easier.

Ok, having said that, I used to straighten my hair for many, many years and actually got it down to about 35 minutes to do it. I've given in to my curls (3/b & c). For a while, I also wanted looser curls, so I would take a curling iron and curl the top of layer of my head all the way around. Even though I didn't do the bottom layers of my hair, it gave me the loose curl look. The problem is that it was taking me longer to do that than it used to to straighten it. So, alas, I'm giving in and learning to love my 3/b& c curls.....

Other than using a curling iron or setting it in rollers, I'm not sure what else you could do. Maybe others will have some techniques.
3B, with some 3C
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