3B/C looking for product help

Find me new products please! I have absolutely no time anymore to read all the threads on the products. I just went through 8 pages and my head is spinning! So, how 'bout this...

Maybe you guys can give me your rec's. I need some new products to try out.

Here's the criteria...it MUST be CG and I'm a 3B/C. It can be from a Trader Joe's, drugstore or online (so...basically anywhere). I'm looking for a co wash (sulfate free poo or just a regular conditioner) a conditioner to leave in (can be the same one I wash with) & a styling product.

I don't have super thick hair, but it's not thin either and I'm not really that frizzy. Thanks for the help!
3B~Botticelli/3C~ Corkicelli~Blonde
Faves: B&A Gel, BRHG, ReCoil, KC Knot Today, Curl Junkie CCCC

PW: dmbcurls
Have you tried any of these:

Trader Joe's Nourish Conditioner
VO5 Free Me Freesia
VO5 Vanilla Mint
Back to Basics Pomegranate Moisturizing Conditioner
Bumble & Bumble Leave In (Rinse Out)
White Rain Water Blossom Conditioner (love the smell of this, just discovered it!)

L'Oreal Out of Bed cream/gel
Alagio Curl Cream (haven't tried this one myself yet, but getting some good feedback on it)

Been using virgin coconut oil every other day and co-washing it out...LOVE

Just went back to CG (will probably use a sulfate free cleanser from time to time) after a bad bout with cones recently

If I think of more, I'll post it....
Nice to see ya 'round!
Cowash - No Poo
Conditioner - One Condition
Gel - Light Defining Gel

Looking to try Devacurl Decadence line next! Can't wait to try it.
What have you already tried?

Conditioners I like for conditioning:
Regis design Line Olive Oil
Curl Junkie Healthy Condition
Trader Joe's Nourish

Conditioners other people like for conditioning:
Paul Mitchell the Conditioner
Curls milkshake

For washing:
Any Suave Naturals conditioner
any of the CG v05 conditioners
DevaCurl Low or No Poo
Creme of Nature
Blended Beauty Soy Cream Shampoo
(Curls and Curl junkie also supposedly make good CG shampoos)

BB curl styling lotion
BB curly frizz pudding
Blended Cutie Down and out
Curl Junkie Coco coffee curl creme w/ gel on top
Kinky curly curling custard
conditioner mixed w/ ic fantasia gel
curls milkshake (not too often) w/ gel on top

I'm planning on buying several new products soon (seem to be in the same predicament as you) so stay tuned; I'll review whatever I buy.

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