Fotkis? Help with haircut

Hi! I'm having a horrible time trying to get on the same page with my hair dresser.

I think I'm finally figuring out what my hair likes & doesn't like in terms of this CG stuff (hair definitely does not like cones) but I have yet to get a hair cut that I can stand.

The biggest problem is that I can't find that many good pictures to show my hairdresser, especially of the back of peoples hair. I've looked through the curlpix stuff, but most of those are of the front & it's the back that I'm having issues with these days. I can't seem to explain properly what I want.

My hair is shoulder length & is cut straight across on the bottom - not a lot of layers at the bottom of my hair, so it just lays pretty flat. I want her to round it some & add long layers in the back so it has some depth, something other than laying flat.

So, I started thinking that the place where I have seen the most pictures of the back of peoples hair is in their fotkis on this site. So, instead of me going back & trying to look through different posts - does anyone with shoulder length hair have a fotki that they could share with me? I'm hoping to be able to print out a picture & take it to my hairdresser to show them instead of trying to describe it.

I do! I have one other photo of the back that's not on my Fotki, but can post/send it to you if you'd like. Although there's nothing exceptionally exciting about the back of my head, I've got a pretty basic bob.
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I also have back shots of my hair. I am not sure that my hair is quite as long as you are talking about though.
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Thanks! I can't seem to open the albums at work, but I'll do it as soon as I get home.

Not sure what's happening, I've always been able to open them before. But today I've tried a bunch of times with both & the computer always locks up.

So, thank you in advance - I can't wait to look at them!
I have lots of shots of the back of my head (my best side, haha) in my fotki. But there's nothing really special about my haircut either.
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Most of my fotki pics are of the back of my head, too. I haven't updated mine for awhile and I was still trying to grow the layers out some in those pictures, but you'll get the idea. I really do need to update that thing. - pw: gibber -- Pics Added 7/10/11
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I don't know how curly your hair is (I'm a wavy/curly but can get the back pretty curly) but I have long layers and pictures of the back of my hair (the last page of the June folder in the 2007 folder has the best ones). My hair is a good bit longer than shoulder length but it's the same shape anyway. I had a similar cut at shoulder length and it was good too (dunno if I had curly pics of that though).
Anyway, feel free to look if you want.
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There is a photo of the back of my hair here: - it's from when I first started on CG, my hair is curlier now, yay! I've got some quite long layers, and manage to avoid the dreaded triangle shape thanks to that.
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