I'm going on Saturday to get my hair highlights touched up and I'm thinking about getting layers.... Currently my hair is long, about mid-chest length and it's all one length no layers. I have loose natural curls, not too thin and not too thick. My hair is not course.

I donít use a blowdryer ever, just shampoo, condition, leave on conditioner & mousse (that doesnt dry crunchy) I donít want a style that requires much more effort than that but I would like some more volume. I love Shakiraís hair and I liked her hair in earlier photos a bit better than I do now (when it was blonde and a bit longer). From what I can tell her cut seems like it has remained pretty much the same over the years (although I'm no expert in this field, so I could be way off).

My hairstylist is great, but Iíve never had her do more than a simple trim and Iím not sure about her experience cutting curly hair. I donít want her to go too short on the layers or too much. Any suggestions that I can pass on to her when I go in Saturday?

Your help is appreciated!!