boots curl creme: How to apply?

On a trip to the UK, I bought pink "boots curl creme," much loved by some forumites here. So far, I have tried two ways to apply the cream but neither produced good results.
Because of skin irritations, I always "wash" my hair over the bathtub (head-over) with conditioner and leave in a tiny little bit of conditioner in a second round. Then I continued with...

1 - vinegar-lemon-filtered water rinse, squeeze out excess water, scrunch in boots cream, plop
Result: Most of the hair did not get any of the cream but it looked somehow greasy

2 - rake boots cream through the hair, then vinegar-lemon-filtered water rinse, squeeze out excess water, plop
Result: Curl pattern was destroyed, tons of frizz

How do you apply the curl cream? My hair is over-shoulder long and I used about the size of a hazelnut of the cream. (The vinegar/lemon rinse is essential in my routine since the water is so hard here that I have to de-stone the tea kettle twice a month, even though we use filtered water only.)

Thank you!
'taltalim' is hebrew for 'curls' *
this is why i didn't like this stuff and in the process of trying to give it away!
I bought 3 tubs when it was 3 for 2 and only used about 1/8 of one of them no matter how i styled my hair it looked wrong and greasy.
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You might be using too much. I hated this stuff at first because i was using lots andd my hair felt gunky. But some people on here explained how they used it so I experimented a bit.

When I use it now, I put it on after my cleaning routine is done, and my hair is dripping all over the place. I literally just dab my finger tips in the pot and rub it with water in my hands til i have a thin white film on my hands, then smooth it over my hair before products.

Hope this helps

Liz x
Here are my curly pics, password is fuzz

But then again, too few to mention...
After my hair is rinsed and is still dripping wet, I scrunch in a very small dab. Probably the size of a dime. I can't use it alone though, I need a gel over it.
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