Visiting New york want to go to Devachan

Hi All,
I am going to visit New York later this year - something I have been desperate to do forever. I want to go to Devachan whilst I am there. What stylist should I book? And what is the pintura colouring like? Really can't wait.
Look forward to hearing from you
I've only been once, but I went to Melissa. She was great. She also recommended Vida for highlights.

I know that a lot of people on the boards recommend Carlos for cut.
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Thanks Frazali - I am so excited about going. I am not even going until Christmas time but want to book a cut and colour so that I know I will be able to get it. Can't wait.
I recommend Carlos or Ana for the cut and I see Esmeralda for my highlights. Vida is also a good colorist. Booking early is a great idea and guarantees that you'll see who you want.
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I just had my first cut there last weekend, with Jackie and she was great.
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I saw your pictures Pixie-girl. You have lovely hair. Mine is a bit shorter as I cut it all off after my wedding last October. I am growing it back now!
Sounds like all of the stylists are fabulous. I just cannot wait. I have been wanting to go to NY for as long as I can remember. I always wanted to come at Christmas time because I wanted so much to see all the shops decorated and to do my christmas shopping. Having the chance to go to Devachan will be the icing on the cake.
It sounds like everybody is so good.
What sort of price do you think it will be?
Also can anybody recommend a good reasonably priced, well located hotel? It is just a long shot but I thought somebody might have some ideas. Thanks again to all of you for suggesting stylists - I am so excited.
What sort of price do you think it will be?
Originally Posted by Boo Boo
My cut with Jackie was $135, which came to $140 and change with tax.
Faith, 3Aish redhead
Mama to two wild superheroes and a curly-headed baby boy
I love Carlos as well. He's really energetic, and takes time answering all questions. I like my cut, but unfortunately have not been able to replicate the beautiful curls I had after the salon.
It cost me 220 dollars for Carlos cut, four deva products, tip.
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Re: a hotel. For out of towners the least expensive place is the Leo House. It is about $85 a night I believe or maybe less.It is a hotel run by nuns for out of towners. My wedding party stayed there many years ago. Google it. You have to make reservations early. It is conveniently located in Chelsea. Otherwise, things are above $100 or double. Check it out.
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