So how do I know...

What is causing my hair to feel so dry and brittle on 2nd day hair?

I have been using Aloeba Conditioner by Jessicurl for the last few months. I tried this after reading about how proteins in conditioners can be drying...well, my hair feels dry still and Aloeba doesn't work well for me as I am trying to comb through my hair. The tangles are horrible!!!

How can I tell if my hair is dry due to protein or because of the lack thereof?
I try to not do damaging things to my hair such as using a hair dryer, I never straighten it or anything like that, but still I get breakage/split ends. I think I get more breakage now being cg than I did before. I am so discouraged!
3B, Fine, Low Porosity, & High Hair Density
3B, Fine, Low Porosity, & High Hair Density
Are you using any other products? - pw: gibber -- Pics Added 7/10/11
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Have you tried Too Shea?
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I didn't like Aloeba as a rinse-out. Makes a great leave-in though.
I like Oyin Honey-Hemp a lot better as a rinse-out. Much more moisture and slip. Too Shea has more moisture but still not enough slip for me so I have to use a lot if I condition with it regularly. Now I just add honey to it for DTs which is wonderful.

Maybe the Aloeba just isn't enough for your hair.

What else are you using, BTW?
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Thank you so much for the reply's. I have been out of town or I would have responded sooner.

Currently I am using a lot of Jessicurl products. I use the gentle shampoo, the hcc wasn't working well for me. (My hair and scalp both felt yucky). I use the Aloeba conditioner as both a rinse out and a leave in. I also have the deep treatment, but I haven't been very happy with that either. When I do a Ouidad dt my hair looks amazing, when I do a jessicurl dt it doesn't make a difference at all. For styling I sometimes use rockin ringlets, sometimes mixed with confident coils. Both the cc and rr are blah in my hair when I use them by themselves. Sometimes I use Biolage gelee or I also have tried Herbal essences set me up.

I can't figure out why my hair is still getting so dry and brittle. It makes me go back to the same question that I posed earlier, how can I tell if my hair is dry due to protein or because of the lack thereof? I haven't used protein for months now and I haven't seen an improvement.

I loved what meriellyn said about the Aloeba not having enough "slip" that is a great way of describing it. I feel like my hair is getting ripped apart while I am detangling it. Lately, I apply some Suave conditioner as soon as I get my hair wet in the shower, and then go through it with my comb/pick. I rinse that out and then I use the gentle poo, followed by the Aloeba conditioner. I detangle my hair again as best as I can with that and then rinse it out.

When out of the shower I apply some Aloeba for a leave in and then put my gel on over that. I also have been wondering if my hair is sensitive to the magnesium sulfate in the rockin ringlets/confident coils/and awe inspiring spray. That's why I don't always use those products. That's when I switch to the biolage gelee or the herbal essences set me up.

I am so discouraged. I could really use some advice!
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What is causing my hair to feel so dry and brittle on 2nd day hair?
Originally Posted by curlybean
So this is only happening on 2nd day hair? Not first day hair?

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Yes. The first day my hair looks and feels very healthy, but by day 2 or 3 it feels brittle and dry.
3B, Fine, Low Porosity, & High Hair Density
Curlybean, my second day hair is always dry, and I just assume that it needs a daily dose of moisture and conditioner to keep up with the drying that happens over the 24hours since the last dose of moisture. Sometimes I even think that my pillow must dry it out some, but maybe it just roughs it up, and breaks up the curl pattern.

I don't really ever get good second day hair, and I think that is just he way it is for me.

My hair is roughly the length of yours, and I think that at that length, you can't pineapple it to keep it out of the way when sleeping, which might alleviate some of the problem

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