Jessicurl trial pack

So, I recently ordered this (still waiting for it to arrive). It contains RR, CC, AIS, HCC, Too Shea!, and the WDT. I'm just wondering how each of you use these products. Well, the styling products anyway. Do they work in combination with other products, or just each other? Thanks!
pw - wavygurl

Well, the too shea is a great conditioner (for after co-washing). Scrunch it in your hair and let it sit for at least a minute. Then I lightly finger through it to make sure the snarls have melted away and rinse. You can leave some in if you need it.

WDT - my fave!! Once a week (or once a month, depending on your needs), wash (or co-wash hair) and slather some in wet/damp hair. Cover with plastic and a heated towel (or heat cap if you have one). Leave it on for a while and rinse out. Actually, this summer, I've just been putting on a plastic cap and sleeping in it.

CC - everybody uses this differently. I use a quarter size glob of it under gel. Good stuff.
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I use the HCC everyday. Good stuff. I also use Too Shea. Even better! That is my all time fav conditioner. I put it in, leave in for a minute or so, comb through with a wide tooth comb and rinse out. I use Rockin' Ringlets for styling. I use about 3 quarter size puddles and put it in by sections. One through the top, one through the bottom and then one squeezed into the ends all done with my head flipped over. Then I stand back up, make my part with my fingers and diffuse almost completely dry. Once I get to work or about 30 to 45 minutes later, I scrunch a little with my hands to take out any crunch mostly because I don't dry my bangs all the way or they get really poofy and leaving them wet like that makes them get a little stiff when they dry so scrunching takes away the crunch. I have tried doing a combo of RR and CC and it works ok but it seems to work better for me with just RR alone. I keep a small bottle of Awe Inspiraling in my purse for touch ups if necessary (usually don't need to but occasionally).
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Thank you for you're routines. I'm very excited to try them out!
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I love the conditioner TooShea its the greatest. I also use about 2 quarter size amounts of RR on soaking wet hair. I towel dry scrunching out the water then apply a quarter size amount of CC. I use to plop for about 10-15 mins but I havent been doing that lately and I really like the results of not plopping. I throw in a few clips and let is dry untouched then scrunch out the crunch and I have soft frizz free hair.
There are full instructions on the website. I printed them out and put 'em on my bathroom mirror. I LOVE that she always puts so much info up. Thank goodness I have a large mirror.
I apply my products and then plop using a microfiber towel! Love my towels!


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