B2B Pom & OneC

I'm using Devacurl OneC and really like it, but I can't help myself from buying other stuff

I've heard some good things about B2b Pom. Can anyone tell me if they think the B2B pom would be good for me? I have lots of shoulder length, devachan layered 3/b hair with a little 3/c and 3/a here and there.

I use OneC as a leave in. I need something to weigh down my hair some and like that slippery feel when wet.

Thanks for you advice before I spend even more money on hair products!
3B, with some 3C
I haven't tried one c but have the B2B. My hair is 3a on the top, a little 3b underneath. I find that I have to use a lot of it to get slip. It is too rich for me to use every day, and I can't use it as a leave-in, but sometimes I can get away without any gel. I really like it, but not the price. I think since your hair is curlier than mine you might like it even better. If you're protein sensitive you will really appreciate it.
3aFii, ?/26/36+ (wet)
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Thank you very much for your help. If I see it on sale, I might go ahead and give it a try
3B, with some 3C
There's a lot of debate as to whether the old formula or new formula is better. Some people can find the old formula at places like Big Lots. I have only tried the new formula, so that is what my post refers to.....
3aFii, ?/26/36+ (wet)
CG since 5-29-07
Current condish: Nature's Gate Aloe & Regis Cherry Almond

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