Reviving curl

I have a style I love with curls that are near ringlets on the last six or so inches in the back and up around the bangs. The rest of it is mostly lots of waves and layers.
There is one small layer at the crown of my head that is short and light enough to really curl, but it simply doesn't, even when I muss my hair with my fingers.
I don't use any styling products or hairdryers/diffusers. I don't have the time to mess with them or the money. Poor college student! XD
Does anyone have any suggestions for helping bring the curl back in the inner parts of my hair?

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Those parts might not be long enough to curl. With a lot of 3A's, their hair doesn't curl when it's very short. Since the 3A curl is pretty loose, it needs a certain amount of length to be able to make full loops. I have some side-swept bangs and they don't curl as well as the rest of my hair. You might just need to wait for the shorter layers to grow out a bit.
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My bangs are actually the same length as the hair that refuses to really curl. Taking what you said, I think it may just be the type of hair on that part of my head. It would make sense and helps me from trying to muss it into curls in frustration.


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