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tlawpd12 07-20-2007 08:11 AM

hate! hard crunchy curls
Help!! i just got my hair all chopped off, so of course now i want to grow it out but i want to just go natural and curly but i cant find a product that i can leave in with just air drying that wont leave my hair crunchy...any ideas???

Munchy 07-20-2007 08:12 AM

Conditioner, then light gel. I like Suave's matrix knockoff.

tlawpd12 07-20-2007 08:18 AM


Originally Posted by Munchy
Conditioner, then light gel. I like Suave's matrix knockoff.

but will that hold my curl?

Munchy 07-20-2007 08:30 AM

Yep, it holds my curls with no problem. Or you can go with the crunchy hair then scrunch the crunch out. When I do that, though, I tend to get flaky hair.

Parasol 07-20-2007 09:36 AM

I second the conditioner-gel mix.

Kaia 07-20-2007 09:58 AM

My hair always dries crunchy. Once it's dry, I just flip my head over and scrunch out all the crunch.

Botticelli Venus 07-20-2007 05:21 PM

It helps to use a soft old tee shirt to scrunch the crunch out -- I was getting frizz before trying this.

snapssnow92 07-20-2007 09:10 PM

today i just put a bit of olive oil in my hair, great control, almost no frizz, air dried fast, nice and shiny, bouncy and soft. they only down side: my mom said, "oh, we just need a little vinegar and we have a salad." lol!!!! :D

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