hate! hard crunchy curls

Help!! i just got my hair all chopped off, so of course now i want to grow it out but i want to just go natural and curly but i cant find a product that i can leave in with just air drying that wont leave my hair crunchy...any ideas???
Conditioner, then light gel. I like Suave's matrix knockoff.

Conditioner, then light gel. I like Suave's matrix knockoff.
Originally Posted by Munchy
but will that hold my curl?
Yep, it holds my curls with no problem. Or you can go with the crunchy hair then scrunch the crunch out. When I do that, though, I tend to get flaky hair.

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I second the conditioner-gel mix.
My hair always dries crunchy. Once it's dry, I just flip my head over and scrunch out all the crunch.
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It helps to use a soft old tee shirt to scrunch the crunch out -- I was getting frizz before trying this.
today i just put a bit of olive oil in my hair, great control, almost no frizz, air dried fast, nice and shiny, bouncy and soft. they only down side: my mom said, "oh, we just need a little vinegar and we have a salad." lol!!!!

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