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CurlsinDC 07-20-2007 12:04 PM

Weird Question about CG routine
This is going to sound silly but... I am now on a strict CG devachan routine. But unfortunately, I am not getting the same results as I did at the Devachan salon. I have tried experimenting, but to no avail. I was wondering if anyone knows of any workshops, or classes, or something where I can learn how to do my crazy hair?? I feel its potential, but everyday it comes out really frizzy, lose hairs every which way, and incredibly dull. I am complete idiot with a diffuser, by the way. I need someone to sit with me and show me exactly what to do!

JuicyTube 07-20-2007 12:11 PM

It could be the amodimethicone in One C

Every time I think of One C I think of "One Cone." It just comes naturally. :lol:

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