need GREAT job interview hair... help!

i've generally had no problem achieving good job interview hair in the past, but its also been during the spring/winter/fall when getting a sleek straight look with an iron was possible. now that it's mid-hot-humid-summer, i'm going to have to face my shoulder-length curls!

anyone have any suggestions for getting a look that's professional (under control and out of my face) and cute? i'm thinking a headband but not sure how super that would look with a suit....
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Reschedule your job interview for October??

I think a headband could totally work with a suit. Is the place you're interviewing conservative? If so, might be a nice pop of color with the standard black suit.
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unfortunately the interviews are really formal--think law firm formal. maybe i will go looking for a simple headband to see how it works :>
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What about half-up-half-down? You could use a simple, conservative-looking clip or even just bobby pins.
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What about half-up-half-down? You could use a simple, conservative-looking clip or even just bobby pins.
Originally Posted by PixieCurl
Yeah, that's a good idea. You could even just use a elastic band and topsy-twist your ponytail to hide the elastic.

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Maybe you could put it up with a claw clip and then leave a few stray curls over?

I've been to court before and I've definately seen women wear their hair like that. Just make sure it's not in your face.
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I def. agree w/what's been said already, but even a simple french twist secured w/a comb or bobby pins. It's elegant yet very professional in my opinion.

Be sure to let us know how you end up wearing you hair!
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...still experimenting, any advice welcome!

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