Yet another tipping question: unique situation

So I'm getting my hair cut for a 2nd time with deva-trained Teresa Callen. She is at a different salon again. She is not the salon owner, but she runs her business separately (must make check payment directly to her, or cash, as she isn't part of the salon, technically).

So my question is, do I tip her 15-20% or not? Do I treat her like the salon owner and just give a smaller tip?

I don't want to be cheap, but the cut is already $80. I'm used to going to the salon owners who don't expect a large tip (I usually tip the shampooers, etc instead, at their request).

ETA: Teresa does everything herself, no assistants to wash, etc.

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That's a tough one, since the relationship isn't really clear, is it?

Because of the confusion surrounding it, I would probably tip normally, ie., 20% for excellent service, etc.
If I'm happy with the service someone provided to me and I'm unsure how much to tip I always err on the side of generosity. Besides you always want your hairstylist to like you. I'd definitely say 20%.
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I would say definitely 20% -- excellent service always deserves a good tip -- especially if she has no assistance and does everything herself. - pw: gibber -- Pics Added 7/10/11
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I would tip the normal 15-20%. I believe the no tipping rule applies only to salon owners, and she doesn't own the salon. She probably rents a station at the salon, but she doesn't own it.
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I would tip her normally as she has overhead, especially if she's doing the shampooing and stuff the regular salon staff would do.
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That's what I figured, since she does it all herself. I did tip her 20% last time anyway. I could say she did a great job because it will be 6 months when I get it cut next month (it's been 5) and it stil looks good. It is getting long and the old "cut like a straightie" layers should be grown out so she can shape it up even better.


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A few months back, there was some debate on this board about whether to tip salon owners or not. I think most indicated that NOT tipping salon owners was passe' and most DID tip the owners.

Though this is not your original question, I thought I'd throw that in for FYI for anyone out there reading.

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