So I used sulfate-free shampoos (normal and clarifying) as +

well as conditioner for a month and just switched back to a sulfate shampoo 2 nights ago and i gotta say, my hair likes sulfates...sulfate-free is just not doing it for me. My hair was a mess this whole month...back to sulfates for sure...
I've had the opposite-I recently went back to sulfates after hearing recs for a "gentle" children's shampoo and it made my hair very rough and dry.

But I saw someone mention on the hair boards that their hair feels fuller and bouncier and products are more effective when they use sulfates.
Hey, whatever works for your hair. That's the goal, right?
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I fit works for you that is great! Everyone's hair reacts differently to this!

I did this at one point nad thought that I liked sulfates again. Turns out I think I unknowingly used something that built up, b/c it looked better for the first couple of washings but then It started to pull my curl pattern out again. Now I'm Mod. CG again>

But that is just my hair. this may be what your hair needs!
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I had to shampoo a week ago because of nasty paraffin buildup... and yes, the day I shampoo'd my hair looked GREAT - but the rest of the week I've been struggling to re-moisturize it again as it also immediately started to look and feel dry again because of the sulfates.
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Love Jessicurl and KCCC might be my HG.

I occasionally use sulphate poos (Suave or whatever else cheapie my husband keeps in the shower). I never notice any adverse results after shampooing.

Frizz Happens!

my Fotki hair journey/experiment diary PW is brio (and I really need to update it!)

3A hair; coloring with henna/indigo since July 2009; normally follow the CG method. Still searching for my HG products!

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