Desperately Seeking Jessicurl Advice

Recently I purchased sample bottles of three Jessicurl products: Too Shea, Rockin' Ringlets, and Confident Coils. I have been experimenting with them–alone and together–the only thing I haven't used by itself yet is the Confident Coils.

-Too Shea: It takes a lot to get distributed through my shoulder-length hair. I think I've used the sample bottle 3 times, and it's almost gone, where as the RR and CC are still waaay up at the top. Two of those three times I used it, I didn't apply until getting that "seaweed" feel. My hair seemed to just suck it up, so I only put on enough to detangle my hair. If it takes me four uses to get through two ounces, a full-sized eight ounce jar will only last me a couple of weeks!

The products, used alone or together, make my curls curlier and more defined, which I love. However:
-It's not doing much for my frizz–which is the problem I was hoping to solve with this stuff, because I have a job interview coming up very soon. The frizz seems to have migrated down from the crown of my head, to the sides, by the curls.
-The crown of my head looks really greasy! By the end of the day, all my hair feels gross (this might be specific to the Too Shea days, I'm not certain).

Can anyone suggest any ways I could try these products and avoid the problems I've been having?
Perhaps all the oils in the products are causing the problem–does anyone know of products that enhance/define curl as well as this stuff, without all the oils to give me the greasies?

Any advice/suggestions/comments appreciated! I'd like to look somewhat decent for my job interview...
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Hello I love jessicurl's stuff, but the too shea was far too heavy for my fine curls...I use the gelebration spray combined with confident coils, and that has worked great for me Also, I use aloeba daily conditioner and the gentle lather shampoo (both jessicurl) as part of my routine. I poo no more than twice a week with the gentle lather ( I need to- my hair is not dry at all, more prone to oil than anything- it has never been chemically processed and I can't count the number of times on my hands that I have used a flatiron). Hope this helps!
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I use a lot of the too shea too. I just got my hair cut shorter, but I STILL use a lot -- at least 4 pumps from the liter bottle and my hair is about an inch below chin. I think, though, as your hair becomes more conditioned, you may need less. Overall, i think it is an excellent conditioner so I stick with it. Are you using a leave-in for the frizz? I find that elucence MBC works great as a leave in.
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Last night I made some flax seed and aloe vera gel, and used that today. Although I had lots of problems making it and I still believe it's too thin, it's giving me the extra curliness and definition that I liked in the Jessicurl products, without all the greasies. (The frizz remains.) I read that Jessicurl started as the result of Jess' experiments making flax seed gel here on NC.

So I think that I may have discovered that I am a "no oil" person, and Jessicurl products have lots of oil. I'm still going to try Confident Coils by itself, or maybe with this new flax/aloe "gel." If that combination doesn't work, all my stuff is going on the swap board!
pw: hairyhair
I needed tons of Too Shea when I first started using it- my hair just drinks it in. Now that it's in better condition, I only use about a palmful & I'm a thick, coarse BSL 3B (Gallon has lasted 7 months). Maybe Too Shea is too heavy or you're leaving too much in? Aloeba is lighter- maybe try that?

I have no luck with her stylers tho- frizz city. No matter what I do. Sorry I can't help there-- Good Luck!
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I use Too Shea. You do need more than other conditioners but I love what it does for my hair. I use Hair Cleansing Cream everyday followed by Too Shea (about a palmful, my hair is a little past chin length and super thick). I rinse it all out and then put in Rockin' Ringlets. I need 3 quarter sized puddles. I put it in by sections with my head flipped over. One through the top section, one through the bottom section and the final scrunched into the ends. I flip back over, make my part and diffuse. When I am finished diffusing I will take a little more RR and touch up a few pieces around the crown and face framing pieces that tend to frizz a little more. Then I leave it alone for about 30 to 45 minutes and scrunch out and crunch. Occasionally when I feel I am getting greasy I use the Gentle Lather Shampoo.

How much RR are you using? Perhaps you are not using enough? I have played around with putting a little bit of Confident Coils over the top of the RR but I don't see a big difference in the curl formation and it tends to make my hair a little too soft so I frizz out more. Jessicurl is definitely a product that you have to experiment with the amounts. It took me several tries before I found what worked for me. I worked with it for awhile, gave up and used something else and then came back and tried again.
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