No-Pooing...should we all be doing this?

I tried it for a week and I must say, I couldn't do it. I ran in my shower day 6 after work and had to shampoo. My scalp just felt icky.
Maybe I was doing it wrong....what I was doing was shampoo gently on day 1 then just do conditioner on day 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. I know no-poo means NO POO. But I had to start w/a fresh head.
I just didn't like the look of the curls. They looked pretty undefined and not what I'm used to at all...I just put it up in a bun/pony. But it was the feeling of an unclean scalp that made me throw in the towel.
I just recently bought the Ouidad line and that seems to be more of a fit for me...but should I be no-pooing? Did I not give it enough time?
Am I the only one w/that weird icky scalp feeling?
Eh i was the same way , was no pooing alot but after a while my hair/curls became limp and yucky . So now im on modified CG meaning im no pooing about 2-3 times a week and do a pooing in between with a mild 1. My hair and curls are so much better. I tryed!
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I can't go completely no poo, either. I find that pooing every third day and co-washing in between works best for me.
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I think I no-poo. I use Jessicurl Hair Cleansing Cream everyday and that's not exactly shampoo, right? Periodically I use the Gentle Lather Shampoo if I feel I need to but it's been at least a month and a half or so since I used that. I wasn't intentionally going CG, just liked what the Jessicurl was doing for my hair.
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No, you didn't give it enough time, but then again, no, no-pooing is not for everybody.

First of all, the first 2 weeks of CG are the hardest. Getting used to not using shampoo, and your hair balancing out. Your hair doesn't get the effect of no-pooing after a few days - IMO, it's not really an honest try unless you give it a couple of months.

It's also helpful to alternate water washes in between co-washing. Use a light, or clarifying conditioner as your washing conditioner - V05 Kiwi Lime, Clarifying, these will give you a cleaner feel. Use your regular conditioner only from the ears down, unless you're really really dry up top. Oh, and whether you co-wash, or water wash, remember to scrub, scrub scrub.

If the co-washing thing really grosses you out, there are product lines with alternatives that still work really well. Jessicurl has Hair Cleansing Cream, which isn't really like a cream, but a very creamy, low lathering cleanser, and Deva has the low poo, and you could use one of these once a week or so.

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I use the Jessicurl washing cream. My scalp gets oily and I hate that feeling, so I have to wash.
3b, fine, but LOTS of it...

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