Hi All! I've been on the boards for a while now and I'm really loving my natural hair.. I'm not a true CG, as to ingredients wise but I am doing "no poo." Lately, though I've been in kind of a slump. My hair hasn't been turning out as well as I'd like it to. I've even been considering a cut b/c I feel like when it was a couple inches shorter it looked curlier and more volumous. Basically any advice is welcome; people with similar hair to mine could give me their routines or even style ideas for me to get a new hair cut. I would appreciate it! All of you guys seem much more knowledgeable about the world of curls than I am.

Here are some pics in an album:
(these are of my hair on one of its better days)

Also...any ideas onto what hair type I am? I've never been quite sure!

You have very pretty hair! I'd say that you are a 3A, but there are others that are better at typing than I am

I'm not a true CG, as to ingredients wise but I am doing "no poo."
This makes me think that perhaps your current problem is because of buildup? If you're not using shampoo, but still use silicones/mineral oils, they are never washed out but keep building up on your hair. Perhaps you should try shampooing once to clarify, and maybe switch to a lighter conditioner and/or styling product if you feel that your hair is weighed down?
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Sounds like you might be aving a little build-up issue. What products are you using? Do you ever clarify?
I'd say you're 3A. Very nice hair.
If you decide to cut it, you don't necessarily need to lose much length. Some long layers could help lighten things up a bit.
I really think it just sounds like build-up though.
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thanks for your compliments and advice..

I do shampoo once in a while and I co-wash the rest of the time. At the risk of sounding clueless....what do you mean clarify?
As far as styling products I use herbal essence's set me up gel and finish off my hair with some curling hairspray right now it's by suave. I'm not sure if these products are CG or not. Like I said I don't usually pay close attention to ingredients. Should I start doing so?
I would like my curls to me a bit more defined and for my hair to have more volume...maybe I should try a slight trim and then some long layers. Another question then....should I have my hair cut dry? I don't know if I'll be able to go to a salon from this site but still any advice.

THANK YOU! It's so nice to have a place to come to for hair advice. hehe
3A curly with shoulder length hair
lovelovelove HE Set Me Up gel....
...still experimenting, any advice welcome!

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