HELP!!! I'm in swim class and my hair is freaking out!!!

My hair is down to my waist. For work I have to keep it in a ponytail. I put about 8 doodles in my hair to keep it in line. What should I do? I have to wash it every day to wash out the chlorine.... Should I not? I'm totally confused here....
it gets to a point and it frizzez
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Hadn't thought about the oil! What kind? mineral? olive? mazola???
it gets to a point and it frizzez
olive oil or any type of conditioner will help protect your hair. Just soak your hair first in normal water, then saturate it in condish or olive oil.

PS. Please dont use mineral oil on your hair lol
Coconut oil is also good (look for it in the food aisle).
Will do! Thanks so much!!!
it gets to a point and it frizzez
Doodles are fabric covered rubberbands without the metal I've always called them doodles... I don't know what else to call 'em.
Does anyone know where to get those microfibre turbans??
BTW: I used mineral oil and conditioner today and my swim cap did not stick to my hair !! Happy dance Happy dance!!! I do have another question...What is B&A?? I've never heard of it!
Lemme know, mel
it gets to a point and it frizzez
Kiehl's makes a after swimming rinse for hair and body that nutralizes the ash and removes the clorine; no need to shampoo!
Swim caps are a great solution too, a light hand polishing with natural coconut oil prior to the cap would ease the hair over the cap.
Swimming is so good for you, keep it up
I bought a handful or the Micro fiber tubans on eBay, CHEAP!
Getting curlier the longer I CG :-)

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