Nature's Gate Conditioner - Where to buy??

Does anyone know if I can find this locally? Thanks.
I can usually find Nature Gates products in my grocery store if they have a decent natural products section. I have also seen it in natural food stores.
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I get mine at a local Vitamin Shoppe and they're usually priced decently. Don't know where you are in NY - but on LI there are quite a few of them.
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Does anyone know if I can find this locally? Thanks.
Originally Posted by curlsofny
Try your local health food store also if you don't have Vitamin Shoppe nearby. lists retailers also. Not every place listed has the whole line, but it gives you a starting place.
I've seen Nature's Gate products in World Market stores and Kroger grocery store.
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This is older packaging and possibly older formulas, but my local Big Lots store has TONS of NG stuff. It is all $1.50. I bought one of each thing they had just to try. I didn't care for any of it at all, but it was worth checking out for the price.

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