First straight hair in over a month and...

WOW. I have never seen my hair shine like this! I am lucky enough to not have to use heat to straighten, but only to hit spots that need smoothing. My hair was never this shiny and soft before CG - I'd have to use an evil -oxane to get close to a sheen. I guess not stripping my hair and some TLC has really paid off! I am in awe
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Awesome!! It's great that your CG routine paid off. I found that my hair was extra soft and shiny too when I combed my hair straight-ish after like the first month of CG. Isn't it great being independent from yucky silicones for sheen?

Btw, you have very pretty hair!
2a/M-C/ii hair. Super long.
Wow, I agree.

Beautiful hair!!
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