View Poll Results: Would you cut your own hair?
Sure. Doesn't everyone? 15 34.88%
Are you insane? 9 20.93%
Just to trim split ends 16 37.21%
I have friends/family cut my hair 3 6.98%
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Cutting your own hair

Anyone do it? Thoughts? Advice?

I just picked up a pair of Goody scissors at the drugstore tonight. I'm just thinking of a trim and don't want to pay $20 and get a really bad cut, or pay $70 to get a trim I could probably do myself.

My hair is all one length, no layers, so I'm thinkin': why not?
One time I let my boyfriend (at the time) cut my hair. The next time I went to get it cut at a place the girl asked me where I had gotten my last hair cut and I told her my boyfriend had done it. She said it was very crooked. I never knew the difference, but ever since I always go to a salon.
When I had long bangs I used to trim them myself. My stylist would always notice and tease me about what a bad job I did. I would say "that's why I come here instead of cutting it myself."

I just become all thumbs when trying to cut my own hair. If I could do it without looking the mirror it would probably work better.
I do microtrims on myself all the time. I figure since I have waistlength curly hair it doesnt have to be that even. Even though I use Feyes Method which you can find at, it comes out fairly even. If I went to my stylist for a trim I have to pay $50 so I save myself some money and I know exactly how much I am trimming off.
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I trimmed my hair last week over the sink, with my nail scissors, because I was too lazy to find my roommate's pair of scissors. Ironically, my hair came out looking the best ever! Every time I go to get my hair cut, I come out crying. And, since I am unfortunate enough to live thousands of miles away from NYC, I just trim my own.
I have tried a couple of times to cut my own hair and I stink at it! This last time I cut bangs. Well let say this; I WILL NEVER cut my own hair again. I still voted trimming split ends. I do that some times. Here and there. (hehe) More or less just remove the damaged ends from old highlights. When I have gotten rid of all of that I don't think I will do it any more.

I am impressed with people that manage cutting their own hair and it comes out nice. I wish I could do it.

I used to do my bangs all the time when I had them. Last year it was too long and one day I just decided to pull it all forward over my shoulders, cut some and see what would happen. I cut about 2 inches off and my husband had a heart attack when he came home from work and saw me! I am a bit anal retentive though (don't do it if you are too!! ) so I would keep looking and keep snipping. He made me make an appt. (which is how I met my current stylist that I love) and even my stylist said it was a little uneven but you wouldn't notice unless it was straight.

The other day I decided the back was a little too long so I snipped an inch off. My problem is though my DH and friends will tell me if it's even no onewill take the scissors and even it out for me. So I kept snipping again, until it was passable.

I never straighten it so it's all good!
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Thanks folks! I've found the results and advice really interesting.

Of course, I've been too busy [okay, lazy] to actually cut my own hair just yet. But it could happen still -- maybe this weekend ...
I do mini trims on my hair all the time when needed. I find it really easy, I'm good at it and it saves money. Make sure you invest in a pair of barber shears, they are only about $5, very well worth it if you are going to try and cut your own hair, plus being able to avoid constant split ends from using non-hair cutting scissors.
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Just to trim the splits. I've trimmed my own hair in the past and I'll do it again if I have to but I'd rather not have to.
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I do mini-trims as well. I've been growing my hair out for sometime now and it's almost to my shoulders. I do have some straighter parts underneath near my neck which like to grow the fastest. I hadn't cut it in a looooong time and I noticed it getting a little thin near the bottom. I only cut a little at a time so I don't take off more then intended. I finished trimming this morning before I showered. It's definitely looking a lot neater today.
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I'll keep doing it myself until it gets really long or really ugly. I don't trust anyone yet to do it and I'm growing it out. I want to get someone to even it up a bit, but don't want to spare any length at all, so I'll wait.
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I cut my own hair. I can't afford (or lets say, just can't justify) to spend so much money for a hair cut. I went to a guy 4 years ago who was recommended on this site. He did a pretty good job. I just kind of maintained it, although it is about 4 inches shorter! I just need a couple of good mirrors and cut it so it lays right.
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I cut my own hair. I can't afford (or lets say, just can't justify) to spend so much money for a hair cut. I went to a guy 4 years ago who was recommended on this site. He did a pretty good job. I just kind of maintained it, although it is about 4 inches shorter! I just need a couple of good mirrors and cut it so it lays right.
Originally Posted by curlymel
Wow, I am impressed.
I could never do that.

I cut my own hair a few times per year. I have found someone great who charges $15, but there are times when I can't afford that. I was a hairdresser before the kids and continue with some clients, so I "know" what I'm doing. It always reminds me about that adage about lawyers: a person who represents himself has a fool for a client. Fortunately, I always wear my hair curly and if there are mistakes they blend in.
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