Does your mother have curly hair?

My mom would have some wave/curl to it if she grew it out. But no she keeps it short and blowdries it straight everyday. I don't think my mom would have as much curl as I do, but she would have some. It's weird that both of us have some degree of wave or curl to our hair. Everybody else in our family, both sides, has thin stick straight hair that you can't do much with. If my mom grew hers out, she'd probably be a 2c. I'm a 3a/3b combo.
3A/2C combination of ringlets and waves
Mine is a 3A in denial, keeps it pixe short, and before that had a mullet brushed out.

Hers is exactly like mine lol! But will she admit shes a curly?? HECK NO!
Here are my curly pics, password is fuzz

But then again, too few to mention...
Yep! My mom's hair is more along the lines of a 3c/4a though. Very tight curls. And she's a PJ too! But she, all in all, takes awful care of her hair. Processing it all the time, using stuff that's loaded with cones. I tried to get her to use the Deva stuff, but she can't stick to one thing. If it instantly doesn't work, she moves on to the next thing.
VERY fine 2B/3A hair
Chin-length - growing it out...again.
My mom's is pin straight. Curls come from my dad. She unfortunately isn't too crazy about mine
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nope, thick and straight
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My mom's is a bit curly, I think. When she was younger, she used to iron it with a CLOTHES IRON - back in the late 60's, early 70's. When she was a little older - throught the 70's and 80's - she grew it clear down to her butt and brushed it so that it was straightish. Then, when we got to the 90s, she cut it all off *really* short - like maybe 1/2" long. She doesn't like taking care of it anymore, she said. There was just one point in time - around the late 80s - before she started shaving it, when she had it about 2 or 3 inches long and it had such cute wave to it, but it was really dried out.
I'm a 3b, with 3c underneath.

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My mom HAD long, curly, 3A/3B hair.

Then, when I was born, I would always tug on my mom's hair ( ) so she cut it really short. And since then it has always been coarse, yet straight.

But when she did have curls, she said that she always used a comb and NEVER touched it while drying.

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My mom has wavy, coarse, thick hair but she keeps it short and brushed. It is SO dry, but she never listens to my suggestions..
In DESPERATE need of a haircut.
Very curly. She's probably a 3c. She keeps her hair pretty short, but it does get big a foufy when it's long. She has very thick hair. She uses products and we swap ideas and stuff. She wishes she had my hair, I wish I had hers.
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No - I am the only curly in my family. But growing up my Mom would always keep my hair short and go....look how pretty it is all wavy. She was right - it looked horrible long because she was probably using Prell shampoo on me!!
Central Massachusetts

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Yup, her hair looks just like mine, hers is just blonde.
The rest of my family has pin straight hair, so they envy our curls
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Only curlies in my family are me, my youngest sis, and my bro would probaby be curly if he let it get longer. Mom and dad are stick straight! No curly relatives that I can think of offhand either!
2b/3a-ish at times
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Yes, my mom does have curly hair, as does my father and all of my siblings (2 sisters and a brother). My mom and sisters use regular shampoo and they are indifferent to whether or not products contain cones. It seems to work for my mom and one sis though! I wish my other sis would try CG or Mod. CG. Dad and brother keep hair very short now, so there really isn't much to curl.
2c or 3a Cut most of my hair off in July '12 and am working on regrowing it.
Yes, mom was a curly, probably a 3a. Her curls were looser than mine, she could comb it to waves or fluff into curls without frizz. My aunt, her permed her hair, always teased that she was jealous that my mom could walk in from the rain, chicken scratch at her hair to fluff, and look good! LOL

Sis is a 2b or so, bro is 3c like me, dad has 2b waves but keeps it shorter. DH is a thin and straightie, DS is getting curls like me! Yay! But he doesn't want them to be ringlets like mine -- he says that's girlie.

One grandma was a wavy, the other was a 3c or 4. But she had long hair that she always brushed and braided, then put in a bun, so it was hard to tell.

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My mother is where I get my hair from, and I love her just for that! She never really takes care of her short curly locks. She does use a curling iron, but never gets any definition. I always tell her she should use a bit of mousse or gel once in a while, but she always says "oh no, I don't need any of that". If only I could mess around with it for her!
My parents both have straight hair, and so does my sister. My Grandma on my father's side is the only one with the curly hair. When I was younger, my mom hated my curly hair because she had no idea what to do with it. And as I got older and started caring what I looked like, I hated my hair, too, but that was because I didn't even know it was curly because I was so used to blow-drying it "straight" (more like bushy). Then Grandma got fed up with it and bought me a john frieda frizz ease starter kit, but I got frustrated while air drying my hair, so she took me to her hair dresser, and, voila, I had curly hair!
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My parents and sister all have vaguely wavy hair. My mum curls hers with a curling iron but isn't overly bothered about what she uses on it. She tried hard with my hair when I was little but we were both clueless as to what to do with it, I think she was probably relieved when I started to look after it myself! She doesn't like me straightening it and accepts my obsession pretty well.
Curls came from my paternal grandfather and there's just me and my aunty who inherited them. She kept hers very short from her early twenties but last time I saw a pic (she's in the UK) she'd straightened it.
While I'm the curliest, my family is wavy or curly.

My Mom would probably be a 3A by looking at her childhood pics. She always had it brushed out. In high school she ironed it or rolled it in juice cans. Now she keeps it quite short. She has some curl, but not as much curl as I would have at her shirt length.

My sister has beautiful 2c/3A hair that she usually does in rollers. She gets very fat curls/waves when she lets it grow out.

My brother has curls at the neck if it gets long, but it has been since the late 80s.

I get my coarse texture from my Dad. He's about a 3A I'd guess. he keeps his short.

I am told that I get my hair from my Gret Uncle Auggie (Augustus) that I do not belive I've met, and now he's gone.
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Funny how few of us have the response of "Yes, my Mom as curly hair and she taught me to care for it."
Kiva! Microfinance works.

Med/Coarse, porous curly.
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Funny how few of us have the response of "Yes, my Mom as curly hair and she taught me to care for it."
Originally Posted by redcelticcurls
I can say that! My mom was CG before I was (i'm actually still not really CG). I definitely got my curly hair from her and she showed me how to take care of it. My dad has straight hair so mines not quite as curly as hers but I still love it

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