Does your mother have curly hair?

And does she take care of it??
My mom has the same hair as me and she has never taken good care of her curls. I tried to tell her about CG and she just cut me off and said "Oh no I cant do that. I have to shampoo my hair. Do you need good shampoo??" Then she tries to push her silicone-laden hair products on me, like I have the problem.
I guess it's a lost cause.
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Nope.. Actually, now that I think of it, no one I know of in my family has curly hair. I think my Grandmother told me I got it from a great grandparent. I was the odd one. Reddish/Auburn curly hair while all my cousins have dark brown straight hair and my brother and mom have light brown straight hair. I'm the oddball (in more ways than one lol)
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No, my mother is a straighty. She tried to understand curly hair but never really could.

My mom has a hint of wave to her hair, but otherwise she's always gotten perms.

She keeps it short. She shampoos it once a week. I think she might condition or refresh it daily. She uses mousse & hair spray, but I don't think she uses a gel or cream. She doesn't & wouldn't ever read ingredients. She combs or brushes it. She uses a curling iron for touch-ups. She sleeps on cotton pillow cases. She goes into the sun without protection. It looks & feels good.

My dad is the one with curly hair. He does everything a normal 'old guy' would do; shampoo, comb or brush, no condition, keep it short, wear a hat. Yup. I think that's it.
people on both sides of my family have curly some extent. just different textures and things like that.
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Yep! My mom got it from her dad, passed it to me, and I passed it to my two girls.

She hated hers with a passion, I hated mine a bit less so, but recently I am learning to love it and am teaching my daughters to love it.

Regarding if my mom takes care of her curls, she is trying. We are both new to this. I have embraced it more than her. She's getting very frustrated and is ready to go back to short hair, blowdryer and curling iron.

I'm trying to share with her the things I'm learning here.
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Nope, she has very fine, pin-straight hair. And she sometimes tries to recommend hair products to me.
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No, my mom's hair is straight. My dad had the curls in the family, but kept them cut short and combed back in a bit of an Elvis flip. LOL :lol:
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My mom has wavy hair too, but she wears it short and blow dries out the waves. My brother has pretty curly hair, but my sister has super straight hair. There's all types in my family!

My sister-in-law has lots of curly hair, so I'm curious to see what my children's hair turns out like when DH and I start having kids.
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My mother is a straighty. I was lucky enough to get her color...dark brown, but I also got her texture too which is course. I got my curls from my dad and grandmother.
It's funny though, my mom wanted to try the CG thing with her straight hair. She tried for about 2 weeks but decided that since she has a naturally oily scalp that she needed to shampoo. But she really loves using mens tshirts to wrap her hair in. That was her favorite tip, she says it makes her hair lay the way she wants it to better when shes styling.
My dad is a typical guy to, wash - no conditioner (unless it's a 2 in 1 Poo), vigorously towel dry, brush straight back. Cuts it short. Even if he wanted to do the CG thing he'd have to be a modified CG because he has an oily scalp too.
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Yep, my mom has (I think) 3b hair, but she has used relaxer ever since I can remember I got her interested in trying to get her hair healthy and transition back to curly hair, but she won't give up Hairspray she does not like spray gel..........My sister looks like her twin and has used relaxer as well, she does not even have time to think of doing anything different right now (she has 5 kids under age 6) I don't blame her

ETA: My sister has adopted and does foster care (thats why there are 5 under 6) if you were doing the math
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Both my parents have curly hair. My mom is about a 3A I guess, but her hair is much thicker and coarser than mine. It holds the curl much better on its own than my hair. She never did anything special to it. She would just brush it out of the shower and it would dry wavy/curly. Now she keeps it really short.
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My mom is a typical wavie. She's not CG or modified.
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Yes she does and no she doesn't take care of it. She's anti curly. She did so much straightening in her life that he curls are flat and thin. Her hair is very thin on top too. She has it a little longer and she just keeps it in a ponytail and either clips it up on the back of her head or twists her hair into one big (but small ) banana curl.

She hates that I wear my hair curly, she hatest hate my neice has curly's ridiculous.
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My birth mom, & bro & sis have naturally curly hair. Where she got it no clue.

My mom doesn't take good care of it and it drives me nuts!!! She's always complaining about tangles and frizzies. I tried to explain to her about proper hair care and detangling, nothing drastic or anything, just stop piling your hair on your head and stop ripping combs through her hair. But she cut me off saying "I don't have time for that stuff" and here's the kicker, she has no kids living at home, and doesn't work No time???? PLEASE I wish I had her time.

And here's the most annoying part, I've been growing my hair out for 12 years and still stuck at BSL, she just cut her waist length hair off for the 3 or 4 time last week.

When she takes care of it, its gorgeous, and very healthy, everyone on this board would kill for her hair probably, and she doesn't even care about it.

rant over, sorry.
My mom's had curly hair since she was a young kid. She always hated it but that lessened, I think, when people began getting perms to have what she had. She's tried to be modified CG, but she keeps drifting back to shampoo but tries to poo less. My dad is full-blooded Italian and had tight curly hair. Both of them still have curly hair, just not as curly as when they were younger.

On a side note, CurlyChanteuse - both you and your curls are gorgeous!
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Both my parents have curly hair, my mother, more so than my dad. And so did all of my grandparents, with the exception of my grandad who was a wavie.

My mom has the same hair as me and she has never taken good care of her curls.
Originally Posted by realistic
My hair is quite close to my mother's too. It's very dry, low porosity, and very,very fragile. My mother does not take care of her hair, if you could hear it crackling away when she tries to comb it dry without product. I gave her conditioner and asked her if it worked. She was like "How can you tell if it works?"

She used to straighten it, but now keeps it very short for the lowest possible maintenance. Hair is not a priority for her.
And does she take care of it??
My mom has the same hair as me and she has never taken good care of her curls. I tried to tell her about CG and she just cut me off and said "Oh no I cant do that. I have to shampoo my hair. Do you need good shampoo??" Then she tries to push her silicone-laden hair products on me, like I have the problem.
I guess it's a lost cause.
Originally Posted by realistic
My mom is more wavy, but hard to tell cause she keeps it short and really has no clue how to style her hair, my dad had ringlets as a kid now hes balding (shhhhhhh) lol, my brother just has ALOT of hair , my sister is a curly that is clueless, she puts mousse in her hair and just blows it to dry with a dryer and then pulls it up, she has very thin hair.
I am not cg at all, im just trying to work with what I have and taking bits and pieces of what i learn here
No, she has straight hair. She doesn't really like curly hair.
funny, I was just thinking about this...
My mom is a wavycurly, shoulderlength aubern and no visible gray at 65! and no she doesn't color My maternal grandma was exactly the same - beautiful aubern waves and full color 'till her 70's. I have three sisters and a brother - all straighties and blonde. My hairs natural color is probably close to aubern/medium golden brown but its been colored so much that i've forgotten my true natural color! But my mom and I are the only curlies in the family.
back to the question at hand - she isn't CG or anything, uses shampoo and condish, very little styling aids - but she has used hot rollers since her 20's!
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