DevaCut tomorrow

Hi all-
I'm going for my first DevaCut tomorrow. I'm going to Cala Renne Salon in Beverly MA.
I'm very nervous and excited and hoping it all goes well.
Anyone want to share their DevaCut experiences?
Oh you must be excited. Good luck and let us know how it went!!!
Central Massachusetts

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Anyone want to share their DevaCut experiences?
Originally Posted by CurlyGio
If you do a search on devacut, you'll find lots of good experiences. I've had one cut from a local deva-trained stylist 5 months ago. I'm getting my second one next month. I haven't even had to have a trim between cuts!

Good luck! And welcome to the boards.

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I'll just tell you that it was my greatest cut evah!!

Remember to pay attention to what they do (it's easy to forget), and then come tell us all about it.

Post pic's if you can.

Good luck
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Good luck, I've read really good posts about that salon. Post pictures.
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Anyone want to share their DevaCut experiences?
Originally Posted by CurlyGio
Well my first DevaCut is what brought me to this site in the first place. I was searching for curly haired salons and it brought me here! But anyway, I got my hair cut in Devachan in NYC as an 'emergency cut' before my vacation. I had gotten my hair cut and styled in a non-curly salon the week before and it just looked horrible!! So i decided to run to Devachan to get it fixed.

Let me just say it was one of my best experiences in a salon! Everyone was very nice and they really teach you the CG ways. My stylist (Julie) was divine! She listened to everything I had told her to do with my hair, and she was able to fix the previous hair dressers mistakes! So i'm not only loving my hair right now, i'm just loving the whole CG experience!

It's definately worth it to get a DevaCut, You really can't go wrong if you are into the everyday curly hair, and are pretty much CG.
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Never been fortunate enough to have a Deva cut, but please do pass along any tips or tricks you learn. We all want step by step instructions!

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