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I have had 3 people recently ask me if I'm trying to get dreadlocks. That is such a bummer, because dreadlocks are cool and all, but to look like you're TRYING to get them, and apparently not even succeeding, when you don't even want them is not cool.

So I have a few different textures of curls on my hair - but botticelli curls in front (prob a 2b), I don't know about the back, it looks a bit like untwined rope. It doesn't spring at all, there's no discernible "s" shape but the locks stick together like it should be curly. Underneath that, I have 3B spirals, so the top layer just kind of sits on top and doesn't blend it.

Any way to make the texture of my hair more uniform? Thanks!
I have a bit of this problem too. I have some curls underneath that sort of wind around each other in tube shapes about as big around as a sharpie marker. The rest are spirals, about as big around as wine corks. Then this one little bit at the crown a couple inches wide....I have to scrunch it a lot to encourage it to make a spiral curl to match the rest of my head.

I'm thinking I might try plopping/blotting just the canopy of my hair so that the underneath stretches out a bit more and the top shrinks up more. Otherwise my top layers get stuck to the bottom layers and I don't have that great uniform look.

Different conditioners seem to give me different results with uniformity, and different ways of applying the gel make a difference too.
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I don't know if this will work or if you are already doing these things, but I'll offer my 2 cents.

You might want to try raking your gel through your hair rather than scrunching it in. This might break up the curl a bit more and keep them from intertwining.

Another thing you might try is combing some gel or maybe recoil through your damp, toweled off hair with a wide-toothed comb. Then take some more gel or mousse and scrunch your curls back in.

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