essential oils/tea tree oil & condition washing? (x-post

so i'm going to start condition washing during the week and just doing my shampoo of the scalp on teh weekend (my hair prefers the mixed routine).
i was thinking that maybe because my scalp gets itchy during the week, maybe i should try adding some essential oils or some tea tree oil to my conditioner i use to wash.
has anyone tried this? how much do you add? do you add it to the whole bottle? or just what you're using on your head that day?
i'd appreciate the advice.
i'm going to trader joes this weekend, and noticed they are carrying tea tree oil now, so i was going to pick some up to try. just not sure how to use it just yet!

**Cross posted in no poo section, but i know lots of people condition wash in their normal routines**
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I have added tea tree oil to my co wash condish but, for no particular reason, haven't in a while. I use Suave kiwi clarifying and the way I added it was I bought one of those 99 cents travel bottles from Wal-Mart and combined the two. The bottle is a 3oz one and I filled it up almost to the top, put in about 2 teaspoons of the oil and shook it to blend. It was more convenient for me that way cuz I never had more than I needed and the bottle size was easier to work with.
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