Which give a lighter feel or hold, the gelebration spray or the CC?

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Just a guess but I'm gonna say Gelebration.
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The CC has a creme styler feel and the Gelebration is a liquidy spray gel. It just depends on what styler you're looking for!
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Just wondering- is any of the jesse curl styling products feel like set it free? I HATE set it free- that sticky way feeling drives me crazy! But I do like crunchy hair- I don't mind scrunching it out to soft curls. So, are any of her products waxy/ sticky? Thanks!
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No, I have not found any of her products to be waxy or sticky.
3b, fine, but LOTS of it...
None of the Jessicurl products are sticky, in my experience.
Gelebration is a lighter product than CCSS because it's a spray and CCSS is a cream but I'm not sure how to compare them on hold because CCSS has a very natural light feel too.
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