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I have what may be a silly question about DT's. My question is what do you use to wash it out. If I use any type of oil or say avocado how do I get it out. I'm doing the curly girl routine so what’s the best way to get that stuff out? Thank you ladies!!
If you're on CG, it's best not to use a whole lot of oil- so use just enough to cover your hair. That way, it should be removable with a co-wash or two. If you get build up, try adding a little lemon juice to your co-wash, or do a rinse with diluted vinegar. But it's really best not to use so much that you can't co-wash it out and have to clarify right away, you will probably lose a lot of the benefits of the DT.

With the avocado, make sure it is *really* ripe. This will not only make it more conditioning, but it will be easier to remove from your hair. Blend it/whisk it down till it's as creamy as possible, again to make it more easily rinseable. A good idea is to add oil/coconut milk, etc., to make it more liquidy and easier to distribute through your hair.

I always follow up fruit or vegetable DTs with a very moisturizing conditioner. Not only does that work to remove whatever little remnants of the DT that's left behind, but it helps soften the hair; depending on what you use, these DTs can be pretty starchy or protein-y, and that can leave your hair stiff if you don't follow it up with some moisture.
Just a bump, just in case.

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