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There is a small portion on the left side of my hair is not as curly as the rest of my head. It really bugs me, becuase it is right in the front. Whenever I wear my hair curly, I normally have to use a head band/wrap and tie the non-curly portion to the back. Any ideas to get this stubborn hair just as curly as the rest?
Have you tried taking a little bit of gel and finger curling it? You could also create a twist let it dry, and take it out, separate it a couple times to form curls.

You can also try using a curl enhancing product (Jessicurl Confident Coils, Re:Coil and regular BSS activator gels (mix a little bit with water in a separate container till you get a consistency that suits your hair, as these can be pretty heavy). Use it on that area only to encourage the curl.

You can also use techniques like scrunching, or applying the product to that area when soaking wet, and waiting till the rest of your hair is damp to apply product- usually the wetter your hair when you do so, the more defined the curl will be.

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