UK products please!

Hi All,

I just got my curly hair cut, from waist length to the top of my shoulders! The condition is now great, and I'm loving it.

Whilst it was long, I was 99% CG, only using cone-free conditioners, no sulfate shampoo, as and when I needed some clarifying. My hair was knotted, prone to build up, and coarse.

Now it is smooth, shiny and bouncy...and I'm using cones and sulfates. Could anyone explain? Is this simply the cut?!! I'm using Urban Therapy curl products, and Nicky Clarke curl intensive condish. I also have a tub of Blended Beauty cream, which I use to detangle and style.

To get to my questions though...first off, does anyone else share my sulfate/cone experience???

And, assuming that this strangeness cannot persist, is there anyone from the UK who can recommend products for a 2a, from lo/no poo to stylers?

Thanks so much in advance!
Hi nic

sedona here from BPAL

If you hop over to the Swap board for Eurocurlies there are some threads there on UK products, or maybe try the 2 forum for advice.

I can't help you on the hair length thing though, maybe because now your curls are quite young whereas when it was longer they were years old?

Hair does what it wants, kinda like skin and smellies!

Modified CG - Suave coconut conditioner (CW), BC Down and Out, and and Aussie MM conditioner my current loves.
What do you think of the Urban Therapy stuff? I've just bought some but haven't used it yet.

On a side note I did notice that the 2 shampoos have the same ingredients as do the 2 conditioners.
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Re Urban Therapy, so far so good...

I'm just struggling to get my head around the whole cones debate. I know WHY people try and avoid them, but I have some good evidence on the 'pro cones' side too. A very good friend is an organic chemist, and he really doesn't see why, so long as the hair is healthy, that cones and sulfates should be so awful. Having just had a cut and seeing that cones seem to be just fine - better than fine indeed - I'm interested to give them another try
Have you tried Faith In Nature products? They are a UK based company, and have a have a range of conditioners that are suitable for conditioning or co-washing, depending on your hair's moisture needs. A lot of Europe-based curlies have praised their conditioners. The conditioners are very low priced, and since you are based in the UK shipping fom the site should also be pretty cheap for you, and they have a list of health food shops that sell their products, also.

I've tried their Gingko Biloba conditioner, which is for dry hair. As my hair is super-dry, it was not enough as a rinse-out conditioner, but has the right balance of moisturizing and clean-rinsing to be an excellent co-wash conditioner. I guess for many people it could double as a co-wash and rinseout. I think they have about 10 different conditioners, so they should have something that suits your hair.

Unfortunately, their shampoos are all sulfate based.

Their site is:
hii im from the UK as well :]
try looking in the body shop, iv got most of my hair products from there. and i used to be completely no shampoo, but iv been using their Honey Moisturising Shampoo once a week for a while now, and my hair is better than its ever been!
and i agree what you said about cones.. at the end of the day, as long as my hair isnt a huge frizzy mess, im willing to try any products!
I too found CG made my hair worse.

I was using protein rich conditioners which were specifically for curls and have now found that I get better results with VO5 Moisturising poo and condish and cheapy old silicone laden Shockwaves mousse.

My hair loves cones and sulphates, CG doesn't work for everyone unfortunately.[/list]
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i'm in the UK too and am considering going back to shampoo n cones. I remember shampooing with a very drying shampoo and my hair was curlier! but felt so dry..i'm torn between CG and non CG =(
My hair used to be like that for about 2/3 months and then it went horrible! Now I'm partially CG. How long have you been using sulphates and cones for? Where you totally CG because that doesn't always work for everyone, I use Pantene ProV which probably has cones in but it defines my curls and makes them shiny
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i only shamnpoed once. Before i was CG i didn't really leave my hair curly. Maybe i should give sulphates a go..and its so hard to find CG products in the UK!
where are you guys buying the Urban Therapy stuff from?

i'm so annoyed because i finally came to love my hair and all of a sudden my products have stopped working. i'm gutted, my hair looks AWFUL and i've no idea why or what to do!!!

so i'm starting again with products and hoping to find a solution!

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