For those whoa ren't familiar with the acronyms Kinky Curly Curling Custard and Aubrey Organics Mandarin Magic Jelly.

I just started using the KCCC this week because I really liked the Knot Today and it was suggested to use the two together. It seems to be a hit or miss product but it works pretty well for me so far. I get nice definition and the curls hold through a workday although I don't think I would classify this product as a hard hold item. My hair feels very soft right now. I have relatively little frizz when I consider the fact that the dewpoint was around 70 today (it's still at 66 at 1AM) and I didn't use Curl Keeper because I wanted to see how this stuff would work on a humid day. If I scrunch, I don't get elongation, but just nice definition. I also use about 2 quarter sized glops which may be more than average.

I have read that some feel that AOMM is just as nice. Since I can get AOMM locally and I can't do that with KCCC, I must say that my interest is piqued. For those who have used both - any input would be nice.
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Redceltic, you've intrigued me about the Knot Today. Makes me want to try it under KCCC and try KCCC again (but for 35 bucks?? )

When I used KCCC I used a leave in under it (conditioner, whatever). If the KCCC was compatible with the leave-in (it turned to cottage cheese with lots of products), then I either ended up with good looking hair, or a gooky spot by my roots because I used too much, or crispy jheri-curls; totally inconsistent results. I use AOMM and it's a gel, but it is soft and mixes with everything and I love it. I've never used too much and it scrunches out easily. Does it hold as hard/provide as strong a humidity defence as the KCCC? Probably not.
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I have both, but I'm still trying to get to grips with them. MMJ gives very shiny hair, light definition, somedays, and crispety hold but even less definition the next. KCCC gave a nice sealing effect one time, and just sat on it the other. I should do a comparison of the two and post it on this thread soon.

I haven't tried either in humidity, BTW.
Well, sbb, my jar is large, I could always send a bit your way...

I was outside a lot today, and the humidity performance wasn't up to par. But, I don't figure that much outside of Curl keeper would have done much today. High dew points.

Yeah, the KCCC is expensive! At least it is a good amount unlike the small bottle that Knot today comes in. AOMM is local too...

I've not seen as many (sorry jaemaria, I forgot your hairtype! I was thinking 3B or 3C) with my type or looser try KCC, so I feel like I'm on less tried and true turf than those with my hairtype who have tried BRHG or SMU.

ETA: Here you can see the fuzz from today. As the posters state, it usually rains on July 29th, and it was sticky. It did storm too. If I wasn't in product trial mode, I would have gone for CK and BRHG today.

Kiva! Microfinance works.

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