HELP fustrated with my non responsive hair

First off sorry this is going to be longÖbut I promise there is a point to explaining all this

So about maybe 6 years ago my parents got me a perm to help unify my curls and even though they were frizzy they were consistent. Then maybe about four years after that I found the cg book. Now I donít know how that one perm lasted so long maybe the top was always really crappy and the perm fixed it I am not sure. Cause I had one perm after that to try to get spiral curls but I am not sure how far after the cg book it was. (I really wanted a specific spiral that they didnít provide). But after the cg book my hair was beautiful and curly. I dyed it blonde occasionally but it still kept its texture.

So anyways my hair texture has changed significantly and I have no idea why. Its become super flat on the top and went from a 3a to almost a 2b. The curls lack and definition and just like to frazzle no matter the season. Its just as bad humid as it is cold weather. It also gets horribly tangled and I have to usually comb it wet in the shower it looks slightly better than the let it fall in its natural pattern as described in the book. And somehow its stringy looking and frizzy at the same time. So extremely frustrated I changed from my typical simple tresemme C conditioner and tresemee soft curl gel. So after this period I tried a few different things though I donít remember all the combinations. First was I thought I had build up so I used suave shampoo that had sulfates in it when it was just as flat and crappy as every I tried ACV which didnít seem to work either. So next I tried plopping as many suggested and it was just a matted mess. Diffused it with the diffuser head and it was really odd the frizz curled great but the rest of my hair limp as a noodle did it upside down and right side up. Then someone talked me into cutting from bellow my ribcage to my shoulders said that would make it perk up because it looked weighed down. It didnít curl an inch and well I hate short hair on me. I tried the Mop Top trial packet and it was less frizzy and the wave was a little more defined but still it was flat and limp. After I used that up (cause I didnít have the money for more) So now I am using Burts Bees Supershiny Grapefruit and sugar beet Shampoo, GF sleek and shine and aussie aussome volume spray gel (I used aloe vera gel before and HE with this combo once but with all of the following it looked the same) There is a possibility that maybe we have hard water but I used ACV and that didnít help.

I am just so utterly frustrated I liked my hair before and now it looks like crap no matter what I try. And not only that I think my hair is falling out. So my fine spare hair is getting thinner. I am so frustrated I am about to shave my head and purchase a wig. Any and all comments are GREATLY appreciated. And I hope my post isnít too confusing.
Here are pictures to help visualize the problem
I just got this so I hope I linked it right
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It's hard to tell from a photos but it simply looks to me like it's getting pretty dry and you need a trim on the ends. You MIGHT (depending on the thickness of your hair, I honestly think with fine hair layers are not a great idea, at least not on mine) want to get a few long layers around your face just to style it a bit more.

I don't think it is product buildup because I think eventually ALL buildup will rinse or wash out, but chemicals do permanently enter the hair shaft. All we can do is deal with the outside, and I don't think trying to strip it out will help the condition.

If you do a deep conditioner, make sure to rinse it all out and don't use heavy products on your hair, or anything with alcohol or silicones. It looks as if it's getting weighed down. I would use clips in the top as well and let it airdry as often as you can.

Just my two cents -- take any of this you think might work for you, and good luck!!

And P.S. Stress can thin your hair out, and you may lose more hairs at some times of the month than others. Try taking some Biotin, it may help.
Thanks so much for the response so do you think I should try a deep condition?
I live in WV and the first thing anyone wants to do is layer my hair and give me a mullet. So I am terrified of scissors lol. My grandmother cut my hair for me and she pulled it out to make it even and cut it before I could figure out what she was doing to stop her.
I was going to try duckbill clips like in the CGbook but I couldnt figure out exactly what they were doing for the lift.
TYVM for the response again
Hair Type: 2b/3a, baby fine, porous
Current Routine: DevaCurl NoPoo DevaCurl One Conditioner
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I agree. condition and maybe take it up to shoulder length with layers.
Yes try a deep condition once a week like the ones that come in a package -- oil would be too heavy but you could try the placenta ones. Those rinse out really well. After you rinse it out you can use a little extra normal conditioner and rinse THAT out, or just a little bit on the ends as a leave-in.

The clips thing is difficult at first. You can just use those medium size plastic claw clips (the curled ones work best for me) or use the Devaclips or just plain metal clips, whatever you can get to stand up. Put them in after you have put the product on your hair and scrunched it with paper towels to minimize frizz. I usually put some in the crown, and in the front, and maybe claw clips on the top/sides about halfway down to take some of the weight (my hair is long). It helps encourage the roots to be curlier and takes the weight off the length of the hair so it curls better too. There aren't any hard and fast rules about this you just need to experiment. You can also move the clips around while your hair is drying, being careful not to disturb the hair, if you see any flat places. The idea is just to get the roots to stand up so they don't dry flat.
You look young, so if you think your hair is thinning, I'd suggest getting a check-up. There are several medical conditions that can make your hair thin, including low thyroid.

I'd also investigate the hardness of your water, since you have changed products and still not having your hair behave like it did before. If you find you have really hard water, you may have to use some kind of shampoo to get out the minerals. Robert Craig (link here) has products specifically developed for hard water buildup (I think). I'm sure if you 'd like more info on this, you can PM Curlilocks and she can give you some input. I believe she uses (or used in the past) this stuff.

Also, has all the previously permed hair been cut off? I know you mentioned you had a drastic hair cut of what sound like almost a foot in length.

Frizz Happens!

my Fotki hair journey/experiment diary PW is brio (and I really need to update it!)

3A hair; coloring with henna/indigo since July 2009; normally follow the CG method. Still searching for my HG products!

Botticella- Ill try the placenta packages Ive used them before preCG and they worked really well I am not sure why I didnt think to try them lol.
Thank you for the clip tips too I am going to try them dont know how well I broke my right thumb and its in a splint right now but I can start trying it. Thanks so much for the tips I post some pics to show you how it worked out.
Brio-Yea I think all the hair that was permed was cut off. Because the last time I had a perm was probably about 3 years ago and I had about a foot took off I didnít measure it could have been more.
As for the hard water would it be easier to get like a facet head that maybe filters hard water? I donít know if they make things like that but I did see a previous post that showed like hard water zones and I am in a very hard water zone. How would I test for hard water?
I have to go to the dr here soon so Ill think I talk to about the hair falling out part. I am not sure how much hair loss is healthy but it seems like almost a handful or more every time I take a shower.
Hair Type: 2b/3a, baby fine, porous
Current Routine: DevaCurl NoPoo DevaCurl One Conditioner
I'm not sure about the faucet filters. If you do a search on the BB, I think you'll get some hits. I believe I have seen some discussion on this. I think I have soft water, so I've never paid too much attention to this topic of hard water.

I've never tested my own water or inquired about it to any extent. I have just flirted with the idea because I am curious if I have soft water.

That link I posted previously sells a kit that has some testing supplies and you can do it yourself. I think it costs about $20, but it also comes with hair products. You can probably buy the testing supplies elsewhere, I just don't know where because I haven't really investigated. A county or city governmental agency (public works, water board) might be able to help you out.

As for hair loss, a person loses about 100 hairs/day. When you don't brush your hair, most of it comes out in the shower when you clean your scalp or apply co. Especially since your hair is long, it makes it seems like you are losing a whole lot of hair.

I always get a big blob of hair every day in the shower. It seems like a lot, and it used to worry me, but now I think it's normal for me and my hair is not thinning. So, for me, I wouldn't worry too much about how much hair comes out in the shower. I'd worry if my hair seemed to be getting thinner and sparser. (Does that make sense?)

Frizz Happens!

my Fotki hair journey/experiment diary PW is brio (and I really need to update it!)

3A hair; coloring with henna/indigo since July 2009; normally follow the CG method. Still searching for my HG products!

I think I get what you mean about the hair thinning thing i watch it and if it gets any sparser I go to a dr about it. Maybe its not as bad as I thought maybe it just looks thinner because it doesnt have as much curl and therefore not as much volume and take some biotin just to be sure.
Hair Type: 2b/3a, baby fine, porous
Current Routine: DevaCurl NoPoo DevaCurl One Conditioner
Goodluck! And that is good advice to go see a dermatologist or something if you really believe it is thinning, or get a checkup. I don't know if you are on any medication, but some of those can interact too.

But it also just can depend on what the growth cycle is, and how much you detangled it before (if it's getting matted it's probably causing more to be tangled) and how often etc. I can't go more than a couple of days without detangling my hair. Detangle gently with lots of conditioner on it.

And of course it will look thicker when it's curly. And don't put the clips in too tight!!

Biotin is great for growing your hair and making it stronger (and your nails). I found out about it on this very board. And I think it's better than all those expensive hair vitamin combos.

Sorry about your thumb!

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