Uber frizzy hair?! Possibly b/c of amodimethicone?

For the past week or so, this has been my routine: CO wash with Suave Coconut, and condition with Devacare One C. I've been applying pretty liberal amounts of both. My hair is slimey and silky with all the condish in it. Then I rinse about half or more of it out, then squeeze hair and apply some L'Oreal Totally Twisted Gel. Then I plop in my Scunci microfiber turban for up to 15 minutes and then airdry.

The first few times I did this, my hair turned out great! Now, my hair gets really really frizzy and undefined. My hair starts frizzing as soon as I start rinsing out the condish and squeezing my hair. Some curls are even frizzy when wet and coated with conditioner. When my hair is dry, it's just a mess of poofy, really static-y frizz.

What do you guys think the cause of this could be? It could be overconditioning, maybe, but I always thought my hair needed lots of moisture (even Ana at Devachan said so). And my hair feels fabulous when loaded with conditioner. So I was thinking could it possibly be the 'cone in the OneC? I haven't shampooed at all since I started using it, about a week and a half ago.

Thanks in advance!
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Maybe you should try clarifying with a coco-betaine shampoo. I love One C and another of my favorite conditioners contains amodimethicone as well, but it does build up. Like you, I tend to use it in large amounts so that could be why I notice build up, and why you are noticing it, too. Apparently some people are totally CG apart from the One C and don't experience residue, but these are probably the same people who can get away with using 1 quarter size-1 handful size; my very dry hair demands a lot more.

When hair is overconditioned, most people describe the feeling as very flyaway and soft, but on my hair when I've used too many 'cone/polyquat-containing conditioning shampoos, conditioners and stylers, my hair starts feeling very rigid and coated-like all the conditioning ingredients are just piling up on the surface of the strand. This includes "good cones" like amodimethicone, dimethicone-I don't use stuff with the likes of cyclopentasiloxane.

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