Moving to Little Rock...need stylists, climate, etc info

Drum DH has just gotten a new job in Little Rock, AR so we will be moving (him first, me to follow when there's an apartment so I'll still be in FL for a little while).

Any suggestions for stylists (I saw the two in the CurlSalons area, but each person has only one review)?

Any climatic info? We will be on the west side so the extreme water hardness on the north side shouldn't be as bad as it could be. I'm currently in the Panhandle of FL so I understand humidity (and am looking forward to salt-free humidity).

Anything else I should know about the area? We're serious about one specific apartment complex (PM me if you want specifics) on the west side.

Wow! I'm still in shock, and it hasn't sunk in fully. But it looks like a really good thing (as moving out of the "Redneck Rivera" and back to civilization is bound to be)!
CONGRATULATIONS! Wow! that sounds exciting!

I don't know anything about Little Rock so I don't have any helpful sugggestions, just wanted to chime in and say YAY!

I've been eyeballing Flagstaff for years now.

So this is going to be a change, huh? The air must be a LOT drier than where you are now. Ha ha! The perfect excuse to get all new products, of course!

ETA: OK, I am a geographic embarrassment. Little Rock, ARKANSAS. For some reason I was thinking Arizona. Shutting ... up ... now ...
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Same as Castella - can't help you with any info, but congrats on the move!

Isn't it funny how your already checking things out for your hair . A straighty would never understand, but we sure do!

Good luck.
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It's humid year-round, though maybe to a lesser extent in the winter. It's probably like what you were dealing with there, but without the salt water, like you said.

Huh. I didn't know there would be different water hardness/softness qualities in different areas there.

PM if you want any other info & maybe I can help you. Maybe not. We'll see.

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I don't visit this site very often anymore but I live in Little Rock (I actually run so I might be able to answer any questions about apartments and areas you have. You can email me at

This time of year it's pretty humid and that'd bad for my hair. August is the worse!

As for salons, I don't have one in particular I go to. I'm bad about playing musical salons. I'm trying a new one today (which is why I came to, looking for pics!). There's a girl with great curly hair who has cut mine but she moved.
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I've been through Little Rock. Stayed overnight there on our way to SIL's in NY (when we lived in TX). It was beautiful in the Fall, the people seemed friendly. Can't help with salons or placed to live though. But I hope you find a nice place and like it there.

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