Tell Me What To Do - PLEASE

I also have very thick and somewhat coarse hair that is similar to yours. You have gotten a lot of really good advice on this thread. I will add only one tip that helped me immensely with dealing with frizziness: Treat your hair gently at all times, and especially in the shower and DON'T SCRUB IT - just gently finger comb your shampoo and conditioner through. I never would have thought the technique you use while washing and conditioning could make much difference, but it really, really does.
Mishy (color-treated, thick, 2b/2c, several inches below shoulder length, long layers).
I literally just came back from getting the CG book. I decided to come here and see if I could get some work tonight (I work from the house) and saw I had replies

cympreni Your comment about the chemisty degree had me LOL. It is all so confusing. I actually posted elsewhere on the boards here asking for the deep treatment, and now I have one. Will get it tonight and start right away Will also get the wide tooth comb. I had Vo5 and suave on my shopping list from the thread in regards to conditioners. Not touching my hair is going to be hard but I will do it.

gala I'm going to add that comb to my shopping list. Do you remember where you got it? I always work my way up in my hair so at least I'm doing one thing right so far

tycho19 I'm in New Castle, DE. Philly is about 45 minutes with little to no traffic. Thanks for the recommendation.

mishy I am going to have to start doing that. I never was harsh per say, but I was probably too rough.


So before I left I read the Curl Salon section and called on of the salons on there. I have an appt on the 11th with a Deva trained stylist and the best part, it's only going to cost $50. She had several great reviews so I'm hoping I'll be able to add one.

Ok, I have to get in this book before the kids wake up otherwise I'll have to put it down for an Elmo book

I can't say it enough but THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU all so much for your help.
~~Lorraine, mom to Nikolas 8/30/04, Troi 5/20/06 and 3 angel babies

It is hard to say good-bye when you never had the chance to say hello
Yes to what the previous poster said - Teresa in Haverford is the same woman who used to be at Beans in Manayunk. She's great!

Good luck with your hair - you've received lots of great advice. It'll take time to process it all and start experimenting. Be patient and gentle and great curls will be your reward!
fine, 3a hair; using Suave CO, trying to find right gel
BarbM45 Thanks for the support and advice. Now I'm wondering if I should cancel my appt with the stylist I found and go to see Teresa up there.


I read the book and I'm ready to go. I know I'm already on my way, I don't own a brush, never blow my hair and don't wash it every day anyway. So giving up those things won't bother me in the least bit

I am going to make her lavendar mix for when I don't have the time to wet my hair and when I come out of the pool, which is about 4 times a week if not more.

I am also excited that she said it could take as little as 2 weeks to start seeing results. VERY VERY EXCITED
~~Lorraine, mom to Nikolas 8/30/04, Troi 5/20/06 and 3 angel babies

It is hard to say good-bye when you never had the chance to say hello
I think I got the Conair shower comb at Kroger's (don't know if they're in your area) but it seems like something that should be available in most drugstores, Wal-marts, etc.

I 2nd the advice to use an old t-shirt for scrunching out excess water (but not too much!) and/or ploppping (long-sleeved in that case). I've had better results with that than micro-fiber, but either is better than regular terry-cloth.
gala Thanks for getting back to me. I'm off to WalMart tonight for some things so that will be on my list. I'm pretty sure I can come across a t-shirt If I plop, can I sleep with my hair like that over night? Would it make a difference, like help or harm? THANKS
~~Lorraine, mom to Nikolas 8/30/04, Troi 5/20/06 and 3 angel babies

It is hard to say good-bye when you never had the chance to say hello
Several people here sleep in their plop. Most of us would end up looking like a disaster. It seems to be a better option for people with longer thicker hair (you). You'll have to try it to find out!!

I triple the t-shirt idea. I spend a lot of money buying the microfiber towels, and guess what. They all sit in my linen closet and I'm using big t-shirts instead. What a difference.

Since this is all new and it gets very overwhelming, I highly recommend jotting a few notes down each day about what you used, how you used it, etc. Trust me, you think you'll remember, but you don't!

Patience, patience, patience. It's hard, but necessary!

Good luck to you and welcome!
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Location - WI
2happy Thanks for visiting me I guess you are right, I will only know if plopping overnight works if I try it. I was just wondering if it would leave a funk in my hair. My husband has a few long sleeve t-shirts that he won't miss so I'll use them And thanks for the tip on taking notes. I never would have thought of that and tried to remember back. I have a blank calendar and can make notes on that of what I did that day.
~~Lorraine, mom to Nikolas 8/30/04, Troi 5/20/06 and 3 angel babies

It is hard to say good-bye when you never had the chance to say hello
I went ahead and ordered Jessi Curl trial sizes of the Hair Cleansing Cream, Two Shea, Rocking Ringlets, and Awe Inspiraling. I'm going to go get some Vo5 tonight to help get me through until I get them.
~~Lorraine, mom to Nikolas 8/30/04, Troi 5/20/06 and 3 angel babies

It is hard to say good-bye when you never had the chance to say hello
Hi Loraine! All the advice you've received here sounds good to me. The one thing I didn't see anyone mention is protecting your hair from the chlorine in the pool. I think it would be good for you to coat your hair with a conditioner, and wear a swim cap if you're doing laps. If you're just playing with the kiddos, you could coat with condish and pull it back into a pony. If you're in the pool four times a week, I think that could be a part of your condition problem.
Hello All

AliceInWonderland Thanks for that advice. I immediately mixed up the recipe in CG and put it out by the pool.


So Wed I went out and bought some stuff. I got Aussie 3 min miracle but it was the deeep. Didn't read the label. I also got Suave Coconut condish which smells awesome and Vo5 milk & peach condish. I did the aussie as a deep treatment for 1/2 hour, then used the coconut. I plopped (which took me about 100 times to get it right) my hair and slept like that.

Here is the result from the next morning. Not sure why the middle picture is so dark and really not sure why my hair is so red in the last. You can still see it's dry but IMO I think it has more defined curls


I went out and got the correct aussie today and redid the treatment. I used the suave again. I plopped again for about 3 hours and I pretty much have the same kind of curls at the bottom but it looks greasy and weighted at the top. I also can't get the top to curl as the bottom because there is so much weight. Can't wait for my haircut which I had to change to the 21st due to a party on the 11th.

So I think I'm making progress and am very excited. I just need to find the right combo and I think I'll be good to go

THANK YOU ALL AGAIN for your advice and support through this journey.
~~Lorraine, mom to Nikolas 8/30/04, Troi 5/20/06 and 3 angel babies

It is hard to say good-bye when you never had the chance to say hello
I haven't read all the replies here and I am fairly new. I will tell you to stay away from your Neutrogenia shampoo. I bought that shampoo b/c I couldn't get myself past not clarifying before I started this program. It is so drying my hands even dried out after using it once. I swear it stripped every bit of moisture I had.
My hair is also prone to fading like it looks like yours may have. It is darker at the roots and lighter and redder on the ends. I have started getting demi permanent dyes to get it back to the natural color. Apparently permanent dyes actually cause more fading on curly hair.

I think your hair looks tons better in that pic. You should be excited to have made so much progress already.
tburton I am so glad I didn't buy it. I had used it before but it was a while ago. Thanks for the reminder.

I wanted to post pictures of my family. These pictures will show you what diversity we have in our hair.

Here is Troi. Platinum blonde, very very thick like mine. It is straight on top but he had curls at the bottom. I had to cut it because people were mistaking him for a girl, and it was growing like a mullet.

Here is Nikolas. Very very curly, not fine, but not too thick either. Still soft and will stay that way, I'm going to CG him too. Tight curls that sit against his head.

And here is a family shot so you can see the diversity of us
~~Lorraine, mom to Nikolas 8/30/04, Troi 5/20/06 and 3 angel babies

It is hard to say good-bye when you never had the chance to say hello
Wow, your hair looks beautiful in the new pictures. Quite an improvement already! And your boys are adorable.
Nice improvement!!

And your boys are adorable.
Beautiful family, beautiful curls. Can't wait to see pics after your haircut!!
3b, fine, but LOTS of it...
Major improvement! Congrats! Kids are cuties!
2B/2C wavy
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