Orlando/Winter Park Curly Girls!

I am looking for a new stylist. I live in Orlando but I am near Winter Park, or even Oviedo. Anything in the area

I looked on the CurlSalons link but everything seemed pretty old. Does anyone have a salon they go to now?

Thanks so much!
That's where my mom lives! I don't know where she gets her hair cut, but I'm pretty sure it's not a curly salon. Although she is a 3c. I could ask her.
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Thank you for responding. I think it would be better if a CG could tell me a place near me. That way I would know they have hair possible like me or are looking for the same thing. I do appreciate the thought!
I live in Orlando and go to Practically Frivolous in St. Pete to Cynthia Cheslock, it is worth the hour drive. There is also someone in Oveido at Mitchell Wade Salon, Danielle, I made an appt but something came up and I had to cancel then decided to go try Cynthia. But Danielle is still there and sounds like it be close to you to give her a try.

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