Gel flaking

I've been using gel & styling lotion in my hair for about a year. Just a couple months ago, the products started flaking and I'm not quite sure what's going on. Does anyone know why this may have just started happening (perhaps b/c I'm using both leave-in conditioner & gel)? Or does anyone have any good product recommendations?

Thank you
Maybe your leave-in doesn't mix well with your gel. What are the products that you're using? Does the leave cause flaking on its own?

It could also be your hair has changed, and the gel doesn't agree with it any longer. But most gels can flake, like if you manipulate them too much-it breaks the "casing" which causes flakes.
I've tried a couple of leave-ins -- Infusium & Mixed Chicks and the other styling products are Curlisto. The leave-in doesn't cause flaking on its own that I've seen. :/ Just wish I could wear black w/o feeling self-conscious! Thanks for your reply

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