So what are the best products to seal in moisture?!

So what are the best products to seal in moisture?!
Found out using olive oil starigh ton hair is not good enough! Need something on hair first that the olive oil will help seal it in!
After I apply gel (usually over a leave-in) I rub a little castor oil in my palms and gently scrunch it on my ends. I don't know that it seals in moisture but it definitely softents and keeps hair dry hair more moist into the next day.
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It's my understanding that using straight oil on wet hair will seal in moisture; it's only using oils on dry hair that doesn't, and can even seal moisture out. I'm a huge hair oiler.....I use it either just after conditioning on wet hair, or (still on wet hair) on top of leave-in cond., or aloe gel, styling gel, whatever water-based or humectant product. If I apply oil to dry hair, I mix it with water or something containing water in my palms.

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