Hooray for honey (I think)

I just wanted to quiz those of you who use honey.

How much do you use?
Do you mix it with anything, and if so, what?
How long do you leave it in your hair?
What does it do for you?
How often do you use it?
Does it matter what type of honey you use?

I saw the recent post about honey lightening hair if it's left on for approximately 8 hours, but there was no discussion about how to use it for other than lightening.

I started mixing it with my conditioner a few days ago. I leave it in during my shower and then rinse it out. So far it seems to be making my hair curlier and less frizzy. My husband was kind of grossed out when he found out I was putting honey in my hair, but he had to admit my hair has become curlier lately.

Please share!!
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I have been using honey in my condish and love to use it as a honey rinse too. one part honey to one part warm water , pour it on my hair and let it sit then put in my condish. do other stuff and rinse out. Leaves my curly hair frizz free and shiny , plus it makes it more curly esp at the roots. Been using it for a long time , hasnt lighten my hair at all and i have dark brown hair ( looks black when wet ) with highlights , mabye it makes my highlights a lil brighter but thats it.
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can you use honey condish on 3c hair type???
I used it for a while, but I found that although my hair was curlier, I had more of that fuzz layer on top. I also don't usually rinse out my conditioner much, and it was making my hair stiff...but I'm thinking of trying it again just for kicks to see if I can get it to work this time.
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I condition my hair all over with Too Shea, and comb with a wide tooth comb. Then I mix 50% honey/50% Too Shea in my hands and apply that ONLY from about my ears on down to the ends of my hair. I was using it all over, but found it weighed down the top of my head too much. Then I rinse it completely out.

I like it a lot!
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can you use honey condish on 3c hair type???
Originally Posted by shonee
I would assume it would work on any hair type, but it's a new thing for me so I'm not sure.

From what you all are saying, it sounds like I'm doing what you're doing. I have been using it all over, though, rather than just from the ears down. My frizz is worse on top, so I hate to not put it there. I guess time will tell if it weighs my hair down.
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Something didn't go right when I used honey today for the first time. Maybe I used too much. I mixed in half honey/ half one c and didn't rinse out. My hair looked really stringy, and wet, even though it felt stickily dry. Maybe next time I'll rinse most of it out.
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I have been using about 1 part honey to 3 parts conditioner, and I rinse it out well. I have never left it in, so I don't know what that would do. My guess is that you probably used too much.
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Oh, I'd definitely rinse it all out.
3b, fine, but LOTS of it...
Oh, yes, definitely rinse it out. The first time I tried the honey rinse, I didn't rinse thoroughly enough, and I wound up with a sticky, stringy mop that attracted all manner of flying insects. I like to mix honey with my conditioner, leave it in for a few minutes while I shave my legs, and then rinse it out.
Is there any of the same effect in The Body Shop's stuff with honey? ('poo annd condish)
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Is there any of the same effect in The Body Shop's stuff with honey? ('poo annd condish)
Originally Posted by Jorid
I don't know the answer to that because I don't know anything about their products. It seems like I read that their stuff has cones in it though, which would make it act differently than adding honey to a conditioner without cones, I would think.
Mostly 2A; Fine and wavy
I was using it all over, but found it weighed down the top of my head too much.
Originally Posted by beckysma
My hair is starting to take on a bell shape, so either the honey is weighing it down or it's time to get my hair trimmed! Today I tried putting the co+honey just on the length, so we'll see if that helps.
Mostly 2A; Fine and wavy

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