Straighter when shorter or shorter and curlier?

I was wondering if anyone has any advice on me cutting my hair. Do you think my hair will be straighter if I get it cut a couple of inches shorter with some long face-framing layers? You can see my curl pattern by clicking on my www. link. I've been looking for style ideas if you have any too. Thanks!!!!
3A curly with shoulder length hair
lovelovelove HE Set Me Up gel....
...still experimenting, any advice welcome!
First of all Your hair is very pretty. As far as what your curls will do at various lengths, No clue, what did you hair do in the past at shorter lengths? If your really worried perhaps cut off a smaller amounts and see if you like it.
Most 3a gets less curly when short.
3b-3c CG
It'll get straighter. Mine gets curlier the longer it gets, to a certain point. When it gets really long, like to my bra strap or waist the curl starts to pull out from the weight.
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3A short inverted bob, auburn with red highlights colored hair
Fine, but lots of it

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