PDX curlies?

Just wondering if anyone on here is from Portland? I just found NC and love it!

Who cuts your hair in Portland? The best? The worst?
Here are a few suggestions. I've done consultations with all four of these people, and based on my experience, I would suggest them in the order listed.

Sarah Stevens, Kiss Kiss Salon
5416 N Maryland Ave (near Interstate)
(503) 289-3699
More than Deva-trained (apparently she worked with Lorraine on some big hair show, and Lorraine told her she doesn't the Deva-training, because she's already a master of it all–I totally believe her)

Nicole, The Gypsy Rose
1418 E Burnside
(503) 232-3310

Jen LaMastra
1722 NW Raleigh, Ste 100 (ActivSpace)
(503) 890-6631
jenlamastra {at} yahoo dawt com
Not Deva-trained

Amie Zimmerman, Dirty Little Secret
1909 NE MLK Jr. Blvd
(503) 288-8968
www dawt dirtylittlesecretsalon dawt com
Not Deva-trained
pw: hairyhair
i'm moving to portland in 6 months, so thanks for the list! any deva trained stylists in town?
any deva trained stylists in town?
Originally Posted by srqurls
See above.
Originally Posted by wildsheepchase
whoops. having a little bit of a retarded day.

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