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Silvestris 08-09-2007 12:26 AM

Do salon Conditioning Treatments work?
Recently I've been running around trying to get my hair in order before school starts (and I won't have tim to do anything!), buying products, hemming and hawing over starting CG, and picking a hairdresser.

But the one thing I'd like to know is do the deep/conditioning treatments some salons offer actually work? I have some straight-haired friends who swear by them, but I didn't find anything about them on the CG boards. I'd just like to know before I plop down my money on something that might not even work!

spiderlashes5000 08-09-2007 07:51 AM

Do they work in what sense? What are you wanting them to do? If your hair is badly damaged, for instance, no, a salon treatment won't repair it. You'd need a trim first. And then you'd need to change the way you've been treating your hair overall. It just depends on your expectations.

Personally, I'd rather spend the money on my own deep conditioner (Curl junkie makes two really good ones) and apply it to my own hair whenever I want. This is because it would be cheaper, more convenient and better for me since I'm on a modified CG rooutine and am picky about my products.

But no, the treatment won't hurt (unless the product's ingredients are inconsistent w/ what you need).

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