yes, this is another type me thread....

so could you please type me?? these pics were all taken on the same day, and it was a very, VERY good hair day even though it might not seem like it (imagine what my hair looks like when it's not a good hair day) anyway, here are the pictures

thanks in advance,

Aww, I think your hair looks lovely. It's very healthy and shiny. As for hair type, I'm not sure whether to call it 3a, 2c, or a bit of both. It looks to me like the canopy layer might be 3a (I see big, loopy spirals that probably get curlier as they get longer, plus it looks like your hair is capable of curling at the root). The layers under that might be straighter, or they might just be smooshed by all the layers on top, since your hair looks quite thick and quite fine. Were these pictures taken toward the beginning of the day or toward the end?
I would say 3a, very pretty!
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Very pretty waves and loops. To me, it looks 2c with some 3A thrown in.
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thanks guys! i did think that i was a 2b-c/3a but i wasnt sure, now i am lol and 23 Skiddoo yes these pics were taken toward the end of the day

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