Question about Flyaways/Dry Hair

hmm well I just took a shower and I havent even touched it. Its all wet and i am waiting for it air dry. Is this the best way to go? To just let it air dry?
it all depends on your hair. Try it and see what happens. Alot of people diffuse dry to enhance curl but alot get better results air drying. It's a trial and error thing

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Have you read the "sticky" thread at the very top of the "Going Shampoo-less" board? I think that will help you out a lot with your questions. You're getting some conflicting opinions here and different things work and don't work for different people, but I feel pretty sure that the great majority of curly and wavy people on these forums would tell you that they have to use conditioner every time they wet their hair. Most of us actually wash our hair with conditioner instead of using shampoo, then we do a "regular" conditioning, then we use a leave-in condition, and lots of us do a deep conditioning treatment every week or so.

I don't know what ingredients are in your products, but after reading the "Going Shampoo-less" info, if you want to try going "CG" or "no-poo" or even modified CG to help improve your hair's condition, you will need to see what's in your shampoo and conditioner and if you should switch products.

I think your curls are really cute! And they look healthy and shiny. We all battle frizz. And yes, I can see the difference between the two pictures, but one thing most of us agree on here is that our hair looks different almost every day--and sometimes every hour! The unpredictability & the surprises are some of the fun aspects of having curly or wavy hair. And then there are some days when it's not so much fun.

I highly recommend you spend some time just scanning threads on the various forums -- you'll get so much great information. There are also some good articles in the "Curls 411" and the "Articles" sections of NC, too.
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yeah I trim it every 3 week or get it cut short, but it just grows right back in 3-4 weeks
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I actually dont think you need to condition anymore, in fact to avoid build up...I wouldnt.
When your hair is drying make sure you dont touch it AT ALL, because this could be what is causing the fly aways
Originally Posted by keikok
Wait, what? I shouldn't Condition? Why not?

So I just get out of the shower and just let my hair dry without rubbing it with a towel. Just air-dry? So those hairs poking out everywhere are frizz or flyaways?
Originally Posted by jedimindtricks
I don't know why she said don't condition, because every curly should.

Rubbing your hair with a towel will roughen up the cuticle and promote frizz. Air drying would be the better option. I don't know if it's frizz, flyaways, or just hair. I think your hair is cute! Your hair will be in overall better condition if you start ..conditioning. =]
Originally Posted by JuicyTube
I only suggested not using conditioner for a little while to avoid build up. I do think most curlies need to use conditioner for healthy hair but i think that sometimes its good to give your hair a break from chemicals (an all natural conditioner like shea butter would be fine)

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